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96: Diane Flores on Finding your Sensual Movement


Welcome to the Peaceful Power Podcast today I chat with Diane Flores all about her former figure competitor days and how it all lead into her finding herself through sensual movement.


I met Diane at a retreat in Austin, Texas earlier this year as part of Jill Coleman’s Best of You coaching group. I invited her on the show and she took me up on it. So today we chat everything from her starting out as a single mom at 18 with 2 kids into her journey as a figure competitor and then finding pole dancing as a fun hobby. The fun hobby then took off and she now has a pole dancing studio and an amazing sensual movement online. I can’t wait for you to hear Diane’s story.

Background on Diane

Diane Flores has been helping women cultivate confidence for over a decade with her studio Venus Pole Fitness in where she empowers women through sensual movement and teaches them how to love themselves now, even if they are in desire of body transformation. Her passion is to see every woman connect to the truest part of her femininity and become #UnapologeticallySexy.

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Connect with Diane

Topics Discussed

  • When she started lifting weights as a way to skip the gym
  • How she went from being a single mom of two at 18 to a thriving business owner today
  • Food obsession and how she broke free from the restrictions she put on herself
  • Bikini and Figure Competitions
  • How she went from throwing monthly girl parties to discovering pole dancing
  • Why she believes sensual movement is a must for every women

Diane’s Weekly Challenge

Look at where your holding yourself back and then do it. For example if you are scared to go to the yoga class go anyways.

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