Postpartum Support


Explore Ayurvedic rituals that promote healing, rejuvenation, and bonding with your baby. Let's create a nurturing environment for you to rest, recover, and thrive as you step into this new chapter of your life.

    Postpartum Checklist

    Download your free Ayurvedic checklist for the first 42 days postpartum!

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    Nurturing the New Mother Online Consult

    If you would like to set up your Ayurvedic postpartum nest and have the support you need and just want guidance on how to follow the Ayurvedic way. Book a 90 minute  consult with Andrea to help you prepare for baby. 

    Book your 1:1 Consult

    Ayurvedic Postpartum Doula

    Ayurvedic postpartum doula work is all about supporting and nourishing the new mother so both mama and baby will thrive. Learn how you can stay nourished and feel supported during those initial 42 days postpartum. 

    Location: Twin Cities, MN

    In-Person Doula

    Pre/postpartum Personal Training

    I offer online & in-person postpartum personal training. Help restore your core and pelvic floor with workouts geared to help you heal and rebuild after baby. 

    In-Person: Minneapolis/St. Paul Area

    Online &
    In-person Options

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    Ayurvedic Approach to Postpartum Course

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    Learn the basics of Ayurvedic postpartum care for you and for baby in this 9 day course with 10 minute audio lessons each day!

    Postpartum Books I Recommend

    Postpartum Care Practices 

    • Craniosacral Therapy for mama and baby 

    • Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy

    • Personal Training specific for postpartum 

    • Yoga: Restorative classes skip backbends, and heart openers until core is healed. 

    • Breathing: Deep breathing that expand rib cage, calming breaths like alternate nostril breathing and bhramari 

    the postpartum period.

    Learn to slow down during

    Download the free postpartum checklist Below