Movement, Mindfulness & Mother Nature

Slow down, tune in & connect with your divine body wisdom

Feeling burnt out, anxious, and always on the go? 

Learn how to get grounded, gain energy & make space for you again.

To understand how to truly listen to your body and find the practices that will nourish & support. 

Learn how Ayurveda, yoga & modern wellness practices can help you heal your hormones, increase your energy & learn your bodies natural cues. 

How would it feel to find wellness practices that evolve as you do?

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    Learn how to incorporate self-care practices into your life according to your 5th vital sign.

    Ayurvedic Coaching 

    *You want to learn the best Ayurvedic wellness practices to help you reach a specific goal. (Examples-Resetting your hormones, increasing your energy, weight loss, becoming more mindful)

    *You want to get off the diet & workout hamster wheel 

    *You want to live a more purposeful & intentful life 

    *You're fairly new to Ayurveda and want to know what practices would benefit you. 

    Choose your path

    Divine Body Wisdom Book

    Understand how to implement Ayurveda into your life in a seasonal, lunar and or with your menstrual cycle. 

    1:1 Zoom
    Yoga Sessions

    I focus on the following areas in my yoga teaching:

    *Meditation for your current needs

    *Pre/postpartum sequences

    *Pranayama practice to incorporate into your morning routine

    *20-30 minute sequence that is easy to follow.

    *Yoga for your doshic needs 

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    This is for you if: 

    Tune In, not Out

    Book launch coming September 2021. Get on the waitlist below to not miss out on any of the free goodies! 

    You want to nourish your mind, body & soul. 

    You want to increase your energy and decrease your stress. 

    You want to learn how to live a cyclical & seasonal lifestyle 

    You are craving a more holistic lifestyle for yourself & future generations. 

    You want a blended approach to your health using Ayurveda, nature, movement and mindfulness as the medicine in your life. 

    You want a healthy pregnancy & want to feel supported during the postpartum period.

    Hello, I'm Andrea

    I'm an Ayurvedic Wellness Counselor, 230 hr Yoga Teacher & Wild Woman Circle leader with 14 years experience in the holistic wellness space.  

    You're in the right place if

    I had previously felt like Ayurvedic was daunting and slightly un-relatable, although I was always very interested in the topic.

    Andrea effortlessly took big Ayurvedic concepts and broke them down into relatable simple, actionable items that allowed me to reap the benefits of seasonal living, while also being able to dive deeper if I desired.

    I absolutely recommend taking this course if you're interested at all in feeling more peaceful, grounded and connected with the Universe, especially if you're feeling more ungrounded and disconnected than ever.

    "This coaching program was everything
    I asked for, and much, much more." 


    Mona Lisa Ondevilla 


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    After just 6 months of working with Andrea, I have lost over 25 pounds, dropped 2 dress sizes. Andrea has pushed me to be the best version of myself. She holds me accountable, but in the most supportive way. She made me feel comfortable in my own skin, even though I was (and still am) a work in progress.

    -Lynn D

    Andrea is so well educated and tailors the workouts to challenge me taking my personal situation into account. She’s always changing it up and making me push myself. I also have lost 20 pounds and many inches!

    -Jess B

    After working with Andrea during pregnancy, I was able to compete and place 1st & 3rd in my first cross country ski race after I had my baby girl. She understood how to help me slow down & listen to my body during & after baby. 

    -Bronze Medal Olympian Caitlin Gregg

    I've never been able to stick to a consistent workout routine until working with Andrea. I can successfully say I now love yoga, and don't mind my quick 20 minute workouts. Plus was able to lose 10 pounds.

    -Deb C. 

    After working with Andrea, I was able to lose 11 pounds in 2 months & still enjoy wine!"

    - Lacey S.

    I ended up healthier after my son was born than before pregnancy.

    -theresa B