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I’m Andrea Claassen 

 I am an Ayurvedic coach, personal trainer & Wild Woman Project Circle leader. My mission is to help type A moms who are stressed out, numbed out, and don’t know who they are anymore learn how to slow down, tune in, and trust your divine body wisdom.

I do this by teaching my Peaceful Power Practices that release women from the idea there is only one way to get results and help you co-create a plan that gives you lasting results. Everything I teach or lead I try to infuse it with the knowledge of slowing down, tuning in, and learning to trust your inner wise woman.

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Learn about my philosophy: Divine Body Wisdom

All of my coaching focuses around the philosophy that we need to slow down & connect back to us. We do this through learning more about our own Divine Body Wisdom.

I teach you how to stop floating through your life and become more present with your daily actions. You will learn how to slow down and figure out who you are and what you actually want from your life.

Not only do we deep dive into how to live a healthier life but typically that trickles into other areas of your life. By up-leveling your health goals you start to up-level your life.

Women I have worked with start to rediscover what makes them happy, they leave unfulfilling jobs, or relationships, and start to have more meaningful friendships. They discover that self-care is not selfish and is something that helps connect them back to their true essence.


Ways to work with me:


Online Coaching: 

In-Person Events:

1 on 1 Ayurvedic Coaching

Learn how to incorporate lasting health changes utilizing Ayurveda. We will go deep with your habits and learn how to break down the barriers that have been stopping you from reaching your goals. If your constantly stressed out, burnt out, or feeling lost in your life this is the coaching program you need.


New Moon Circles

Upcoming Wild Woman Project Circles

  • November 7th- 6:30pm in St. Paul, MN
  • December 6th- 6:30pm in St. Paul, MN

What are Wild Woman Circles? 

Wild Women Circles are 1.5-2 hour sacred circles that focus on awakening the wild spirt which burns in all of us. We meet at moon time to bond in sisterhood and practice visualization, self-reflection, vulnerability and intention setting. This is a safe space to explore your inner waters and express your true self. It is your time to to be authentic while meeting other like-hearted ladies.