Let's heal your period pain by getting to the root cause using Ayurveda as your guide. 

Helping You Live A Cyclical Lifestyle 

Period Pain is Common but not Normal

If you're tired of feeling pain & agony one week a month, it's time to learn how to balance your menstrual cycle and your hormones. 

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Learn how to get to the root cause using Ayurveda as your guide. Understand which dosha might be at play causing you to have pain each month and how to come back into balance. 

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Instead of starting the day with a decision of "what should I do today?" Start your day with a clear plan. This program is geared to help you take away the decision fatigue many of us are feeling right now. You can look at your self-care calendar and you know how to make space for you that matches with your menstrual cycle needs. Most self-care programs miss the menstrual cycle as being a guide. 

Self-Care With Your Cycle Challenge

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Do you have a difficult relationship with winter? Are you craving a slower more intentional lifestyle that embraces a cyclical approach? 

Join my signature 4 week seasonal program geared to help you introduce Ayurveda into your life in an easy to approach manner.

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Learn what your dosha is- vata, pitta or kapha. Understand how to find your inner wellness balance. 

Learn Your Dosha

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I'm a mom and wife who specializes in seasonal living and women's hormones.  I help you heal your period pain, and prepare for perimenopause & find your balance during the menopausal years for the past 15 years. 

I host a weekly podcast, Peaceful Power Podcast and wrote a cyclical living book in 2021- Divine Body Wisdom and am currently writing a second book coming out in the Spring 2023!  

My other interests are playing tennis, watching Golden Girls, and enjoying my morning oatstraw & raspberry leaf infusion! 

I'm an Ayurvedic counselor, 500 HR Yoga Teacher & Wild Woman Circle Leader 

I'm Andrea — your Ayurvedic & wellness mentor.

— Rose M.

Andrea is a mix of big sister and wise Ayurvedic Goddess wrapped into one. 

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Connect with me over on my weekly Peaceful Power Podcast to learn how to start living an Ayurvedic lifestyle.