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I’m a former type A mom who had to get everything done, there were no days off. I felt like I always had to be “on” or people wouldn’t respect me. Every workout had to be intense and at least an hour to “count”. I ate great most of the time but on occasion had too much wine. I pushed myself to the limit because that’s how I thought I would get max results in all areas of life. 

All of that lead to burn out, no real results, I was never fully present in my life, and was losing the sense of who I really was. So what changed? I discovered Ayurveda a 5000 year old Eastern healthcare science that helps you prevent disease rather than putting band-aids all over your life.

I’ve discovered how to workout more effectively & still get results in 30 minutes or less. I have built in time for stillness during my day where I connect with my true self again and no longer feel lost about who I am after becoming a mom.

My new motto:

Slow Down, Tune In & Connect Back to Your Divine Body Wisdom 

Divine Body Wisdom Academy 

Divine Body Wisdom is geared to help you feel better, have more energy, and stop feeling like you’re constantly failing for not working out or following a diet plan. I want you to become more in touch with what your body needs so you can feel healthy and do the things in your daily life that you want to do.

We will bust through the mindset myth that there is only one way to get results and to become more in touch with what your body craves. I will teach you the exact 8 step fitness roadmap that will be personalized for you to finally get results, both physically & mentally you’ve been craving. 

It is not a quick fix or another diet plan for you to follow. We will get specific for what works for you to help you create lasting habits.

Start whenever you feel ready to deep dive into your own inner body wisdom. 


One on One Ayurvedic Coaching


Learn about how Ayurveda and personal training can help you finally bust through your fitness struggles. You will get custom workouts & Ayurvedic health habits with this 3 month coaching option.

How does Ayurveda work & what types of things can it help heal? If you’ve been struggling to lose weight, if you have poor digestion, if you suffer from anxiety, if you suffer from low motivation, or are tightly wound and snap for no apparent reason. These are all areas we can tackle with health coaching so we build a custom workout & habit plan just for you!



New Moon Circles 

Upcoming Wild Woman Project Circles

Wednesday, March 6th- 6:30pm in St. Paul, MN

Friday, April 5th- 6:30pm in St. Paul, MN


What are Wild Woman Circles? 

Wild Women Circles are 1.5-2 hour sacred circles that focus on awakening the wild spirt which burns in all of us. We meet at moon time to bond in sisterhood and practice visualization, self-reflection, vulnerability and intention setting. This is a safe space to explore your inner waters and express your true self. It is your time to to be authentic while meeting other like-hearted ladies.

Upcoming Program Dates 


Are you lacking energy, accountability and always feel as if you’re in catch-up mode?

The last thing you want to think about is your wellness routine. There is so much information out there about what is the “best” workout, diet, or program to follow, how to make yourself happy, and how you need to incorporate self-care into your lifestyle. All of that excess information has left you confused & overwhelmed and have no idea where to start.

I get it all of the information has left even trained experts having to double check the latest craze to see if it’s legit. Unfortunately or fortunately there is no one “best” thing.

At the end of the day it’s the daily habits that we incorporate that help build our life the way that feels best for us. The first step of the journey is finding what will work best for you. Over the past 11 years of being a personal trainer, yoga teacher, Ayurvedic & transformational coach I’ve found each person is different but that is where my 3 prong approach helps us figure out what exactly will work best for YOU.

How can I help you find a balanced lifestyle?

By utilizing the 3 prong approach 

What does the 3 prong approach entail?

  • Tuning In– We need to understand what our body is telling us so we know what we should do to treat her & fuel her the way she wants.
  • Lunar/Menstrual cycle– Tuning into the moon and how it affects our body will be life changing. Once I started tracking my cycle and noticing that I’m more creative, productive, or better at the gym at one time or another during my cycle.
  • Ayurveda – This is where you uncover new tools for helping you stay healthy over the course of your lifetime. I help you find your dosha, teach you the Ayurvedic approach to eating (how to intuitively eat), and teach you about how to clean up your household. Switching deodorants, toothpaste, & lotions if you want to uncover a more natural approach to the brands you use on a daily basis. I go as deep into a more natural approach to your lifestyle as you would like to learn.

New to all of this? 

Learn more about Ayurveda with the free 28 day Ayurvedic toolkit. You will have a calendar of 1 thing to do everyday that features an Ayurvedic habit along with details on how to do the activity. Some will stick and others you might need a little more practice at which is the beauty of Ayurveda, its a lifelong always evolving journey.