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you again.

Slow Down, Tune In & Connect with 

You've never found a workout that you love.

You want to workout with your body not against it.

You want to create lasting habit changes.

Gyms intimidate you.

You feel so overwhelmed that you don't know where to start to better your health.

Does this sound like you? 

If so read on!

You want a slower paced yoga practice to relax & destress 

You want a deeper relationship with yourself.

You want a deeper connection to nature. 

You are craving a more holistic lifestyle for yourself & future generations. 

You want a blended approach of Ayurveda, nature, movement and mindfulness as the medicine in your life. 

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Certified restorative yoga teacher & 1500 hour Ayurvedic wellness counselor & certified personal trainer since 2007

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5 Day Program

Learn how to incorporate simple Ayurvedic practices into your modern life as a mama. 

I've never been able to stick to a consistent workout routine until working with Andrea. I can successfully say I now love yoga, and don't mind my quick 20 minute workouts. Plus was able to lose 10 pounds.

-Deb C. 

After working with Andrea during pregnancy, I was able to compete and place 1st & 3rd in my first cross country ski race after I had my baby girl. She understood how to help me slow down & listen to my body during & after baby. 

-Bronze Medal Olympian Caitlin Gregg

After working with Andrea, I was able to lose 11 pounds in 2 months & still enjoy wine!"

- Lacey S.

I ended up healthier after my son was born than before pregnancy.

-theresa B

After working with Andrea, I was able to treat my debilitating heartburn naturally, no medications or doctor appointments needed. I'm so grateful for the experience.

-Hong B

Hustle, Muscle & Flow

New monthly workouts based on your cycle or the moons cycle if not menstruating. Learn to work with your body not against it. 

Seasonal Wellness Guide to help you stay healthy, and to modify your habits based on the season. 

Private Facebook group to connect with a community of women. 

Online Group Program

Choose your adventure

Holistic Personal Training

If you are looking for a fun, fresh fitness program you are in the right place. 

Each personal training package includes:
~Workout plan for the month
~Nutritional guidance 
~Ayurvedic wellness habit for the month 
~Accountability from Andrea 
~Goal driven programs so you get results

Online 1:1 Coaching
 In-person options in the Minneapolis/St. Paul Area

Wellness Coaching

Develop routines that will work for your mind/body type and get back to basic practices that honor your lasting health. 

No need to know anything about Ayurveda. Keeping things simple yet effective is the goal of wellness coaching. 

Online custom 1 on 1 Coaching Sessions or Packages

Coming Soon

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Coming Soon

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Seasonal living mamas Manifesto

We are the mamas who are not afraid to live life against society's rules. 
We are here to create our own. 

We are the mamas who are not afraid to slow down, tune in and trust our own inner wisdom. 
We are here to know ourselves. 

We are the mamas looking to change the fabric of our families and connect to the wonders of nature.
We are here to explore, teach, listen and learn.

We are the mamas craving a holistic lifestyle. 
We are the mamas of the next generation. 

Upcoming Events & Workshops

New Moon Circle 

We are doing an online sliding payment circle this month. If you feel called to process, share, grieve, cry, laugh all emotions and humans are welcome. 

April 22nd- 7:30pm CST

1 Online Personal Training Session 

Looking for a custom training session to supplement your current workout routine? 

You will get the workout, pdf and video links explaining how to do each and every move.  

Book you session