I’m Andrea, I’ve been in the wellness space since the age of 16. Over the past 15 years my training & coaching styles have evolved just as I have. You could call me a holistic personal trainer as I like to incorporate the use of yoga, Ayurveda, mindset with habit shifting techniques into my training experience.

 I also understand not everyone is in love with working out the way I am, in fact the majority of my clients are new to working out and want to incorporate a basic wellness routine that works in their lifestyle. I aim to do just that & deliver custom programs to each of the women I work with.



Go from low energy, no motivation and always being in catch-up mode to having lasting energy, accountability and feeling in balance with your life.

The last thing you want to think about is your wellness routine. There is so much information out there about what is the “best” workout, diet, or program to follow, how to make yourself happy, and how you need to incorporate self-care into your lifestyle. All of that excess information has left you confused & overwhelmed and have no idea where to start.

I get it all of the information has left even trained experts having to double check the latest craze to see if it’s legit. Unfortunately or fortunately there is no one “best” thing.

At the end of the day it’s the daily habits that we incorporate that help build our life the way that feels best for us. The first step of the journey is finding what will work best for you. Over the past 11 years of being a personal trainer, yoga teacher, Ayurvedic & transformational coach I’ve found each person is different but that is where my 3 prong approach helps us figure out what exactly will work best for YOU.

How can I help you find a balanced lifestyle?

By utilizing the 3 prong approach 

What does the 3 prong approach entail?

  • Tuning In– You need to understand what your body is telling you so you can feel confident in yourself. You will learn how to use your own intuition to tell you how to treat her & fuel her the way she wants.  Don’t worry I will give you ideas on how to start. I have been tricks up my sleeve for how to start trusting your own inner voice.
  • Workouts Built for You– I help you c0-create a fitness plan that works in your lifestyle. The plan is built around your current goals and evolves as you do. My goal is to help give you the tools so you feel confident on creating your own workout plan in the future.
  • Ayurveda (Strategic Coaching) – This is where you uncover new tools for helping you stay healthy over the course of your lifetime. You will learn your dosha (mind/body type), understand Ayurveda’s approach to eating (how to intuitively eat, with the season, and for your dosha), and how to alter your fitness program with the seasons. We go as deep into a more natural approach to your lifestyle as YOU would like to learn.

New to all of this? 

Learn more about Ayurveda with the free 28 day Ayurvedic toolkit. You will have a calendar of 1 thing to do everyday that features an Ayurvedic habit along with details on how to do the activity. Some will stick and others you might need a little more practice at which is the beauty of Ayurveda, it’s a lifelong always evolving journey.

Ways To Work With Me

2019 4th Quarter Holistic Fitness Almanac 


The Holistic Fitness Almanac is a quarterly fitness lifestyle publication designed to help busy humans stay on track with their health goals. Each publication includes workouts you can do at home, simple healthy recipes, seasonal foods list, monthly Ayurvedic habits, new & full moon routines and self-care practices. The almanac was built for those wanting to understand the natural seasons of life.


Seasonal Living Mamas – Coming Oct. 1st, 2019

Seasonal living mamas is a monthly holistic lifestyle program. It’s built for mamas who want to find their balance, add more movement into their day & live more in flow with nature. It will be introduced every quarter to help mamas live in tune with nature & your own innate inner wisdom.
I felt the need to create this program because I know I’m not the only mama who enjoys working out but also wants to live more aligned with nature and the seasons. In Ayurveda we find our balance by balancing opposites to live a more holistic lifestyle. I’ve found this to be my guiding light in my life. There is new curriculum every month and this will be open to join every quarter of the year. It will also include a subscription to the Holistic Fitness Almanac for the time you’re in the program.

Andrea’s Credentials 

My Education:

Sports & Exercise Science & Psychology -Double Major from Hamline University, St. Paul, MN- graduated 2007

ACE Certified Personal Trainer since 2007

ACE Pre/Post Natal Specialist & Jessie Mundell Pre/postnatal academy since 2009

ACE Certified Group Exercise Instructor since 2013

200 hour Registered Yoga Teacher since 2016

Certified Ayurvedic health coach since 2018

My own wellness experience (cliff notes version) 

  • I started lifting weights & training friends at the age of 16
  • I was a 3 sport college athlete (soccer, basketball & tennis)
  • I’ve lost 40 pounds in my late 20’s after I realized I could no longer workout to offset a poor diet.
  • I again had to lose 60 pounds after my son was born. The first 20 came off quickly and then I really had to altar my habits to lose the last 40 pounds.

Common Populations I work with:

  • Women who hate to workout but want to learn how to enjoy it or at least tolerate it
  • Pre/postnatal women
  • Women wanting to lose weight & tone up
  • High school & college athletes in particular soccer, tennis, & basketball players
  • Arthritis in the back, knees or hips
  • Busy moms wanting to squeeze in workout routines and still get results
  • Olympic athletes
  • Women looking for an accountability partner who makes working out fun