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Feeling exhausted, burnt out and lacking time to create a self-care plan that works for you?

 Learn how to incorporate Ayurveda into your lifestyle. 

Ayurvedic Wisdom for Seasonal Bliss.

Learn to align with Mother Nature's Rhythms! 

When life gets complicated the solutions need to be simple.

Ayurveda & Yoga for Seasonal Living or Postpartum Support

Learn what your dosha (mind/body type) is according to Ayurveda to understand how to find your inner wellness balance. 

Learn Your Dosha

Ayurvedic Guide to Perimenopause

Download your free guide to understanding the doshas and perimenopause

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      Get a prompt a day for the next 28 days to implement Ayurveda into your life one step at a time.

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        Seasonal Guide

        Ayurveda has recommendations for each season based on the energy of the season, and the gunas. 

        Download your free guide to the current season below!

        support for you


        Ayurveda Self-Care

        This program is geared to help you take away the decision fatigue many of us are feeling right now. Learn how to match your energetic needs with your monthly cycle.

        Live Challenge starts May 6th!

        Seasonal Living Collective

        This is my signature seasonal Ayurvedic group coaching program built with on the go women in mind. You will learn how to connect to mother nature, your inner goddess, the lunar cycle, and build your ojas (vital energy).

        Starts June 3rd


        If you're looking for a pre/postpartum personal training support, an Ayurvedic postpartum doula, or a virtual consult to set up your postpartum nest, you're in the right place!

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        LEarn My Story

        I specialize in hormonal & postpartum support using Ayurveda as the guide. 

        I host a weekly podcast, Peaceful Power Podcast and have written two cyclical living books- Divine Body Wisdom and Ayurvedic Approach to Healing Your Menstrual Cycle. 

        I graduated from Shakti School in 2019 as an Ayurvedic Wellness Counselor. I'm a 500 HR Yoga Teacher and Ayurvedic postpartum doula graduate from Inner Sun & Moon AyurDoula Program. I've specialized in pre/postpartum fitness since 2007. 

        My other interests are playing tennis, watching the Hallmark Channel, and enjoying my morning cup of coffee. I also love exploring my favorite nature trail with my two sons and husband. 

        I'm an Ayurvedic Wellness counselor, Ayurvedic postpartum doula & 500 HR Yoga Teacher and Personal trainer since 2007.

        I'm Andrea — your Ayurvedic & Yoga  Guide.

        Ayurvedic Guide to the Menstrual Cycle

        Download your free guide to understand how balancing the doshas can help you heal your menstrual cycle. 

          Ayurveda Books I Recommend

          Ayurvedic Approach to Healing the Menstrual Cycle by Andrea Claassen

          Yoga by Indu Arora 

          Balance Your Hormones Balance your Life by Dr. Claudia Welch

          Women's Power to Heal by Maya Tawari

          Practices to incorporate to balance Vata Dosha

          • Rest

          • Restorative Yoga

          • Apana Vayu Meditation 

          • Journaling 

          • Eating warm, cooked foods

          to live a cyclical life

          Learn to slow down & Tune In

          Download your free workout with your cycle guide

          Do you love podcasts? 

          Connect with me over on my weekly Peaceful Power Podcast to learn how to start living an Ayurvedic lifestyle. 

          In-Person Events
          (St. Paul/Minneapolis Area) 

          Get ready to celebrate motherhood with a Mama Shower! Calling all mamas-to-be for a morning of prenatal yoga, birth and push prep education, and postpartum pelvic health + wellness care. 

          Mudita Wellness
          Stillwater, MN

          Cost: $75

          Mama Shower

          June 1st

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          Ayurvedic Postpartum Support

          Ayurvedic postpartum offers holistic care post-birth:

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          • Rest 
          • Nourishment 
          • Herbal remedies
          • Massage