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I’m Andrea Claassen 

I’m an Ayurvedic coach, yoga teacher, and personal trainer. My mission is to help women connect with their divine body wisdom by learning how to trust themselves again. I do this by teaching my Peaceful Power Practices that release women from needing to find their next diet or workout plan and finally become their own wellness advocate.

I’m also a mom, wife, podcaster, and small business owner whose happiest days are spent outside in nature with the ones I love.

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Hustle, Muscle & Flow                                                                                      Divine Body Wisdom                                               Retreats & Moon Circles

Get your monthly workouts                                                                     This 6 month group program                               First moon circle

including videos all in one place                                                             will help you learn how Ayurveda                       coming in June 2018

this program is geared to                                                                         can help you finally reach your

help the busy mom get movement into their day.                               fitness goals


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