Ayurvedic Lifestyle Coaching 1:1 Program

Learn how to slow down and tune in, to help reduce stress & anxiety. 

Learn how to listen to your body, your ultimate wellness guide. 

Go from collecting more knowledge to embodying the lifestyle you want

Diets & harsh workout routines don't work. There is a reason you start and stop workout & diet programs. There not sustainable. It's strict, & it's following someone else's plan vs. finding what works best for you. 

No two people are alike, so why should their wellness programs be? 

Learn how to truly listen to your body. Ayurveda teaches you how to trust your inner wisdom to live a lifestyle that truly will nourish you. 

Stop spinning your wheels wondering if you should try keto, or paleo, or the new Beachbody program. Learn a program that will work & evolve as you do. 


 You're tired of researching the next "best" wellness model just to have it fail for you. 


Trust me, I've done that! 


Imagine dramatically reducing your stress and anxiety around your health and wellness.



Let this be the year you start to develop a deeper relationship with yourself and your health.

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What is Ayurveda? 

Ayurveda literally translates to "wisdom of life" and is over 5000 years old and at its core is a preventative healthcare system helping you awaken to your true potential. 

I specialize in helping you set up your ideal wellness routine according to the season you are in and you.

Each season brings new challenges and my coaching programs help you align with the routines that are right for you. 

Blending Ayurveda & movement will help you learn to find your inner balance. 

Why Blend Ayurveda & Movement

*Balancing your doshic & energetic needs to help you find balance. 

*Increase stability & mobility of the joints 

*Slowing down your mind & becoming more comfortable in stillness 

*Reducing aches & pains in the body by finding a practice customized to your needs

*Breathing techniques (pranayama) to help you balance your nervous system 

*Better sleep & more energy in your day 

Benefits of a Movement Practice

I had previously felt like Ayurvedic was daunting and slightly un-relatable, although I was always very interested in the topic.

Andrea effortlessly took big Ayurvedic concepts and broke them down into relatable simple, actionable items that allowed me to reap the benefits of seasonal living, while also being able to dive deeper if I desired.

I absolutely recommend taking this course if you're interested at all in feeling more peaceful, grounded and connected with the Universe, especially if you're feeling more ungrounded and disconnected than ever.

"This coaching program was everything
I asked for, and much, much more." 


Mona Lisa Ondevilla 

This program is right for you if...

*You're tired of the diet & workout hamster wheel.

*You want to have more energy & sleep better. 

*You want to feel better 

*You want to be more mindful of your daily practices & rituals. 

*It's time to take care of you again with a program that addresses the mind, body & spirit connection.

**You want to focus on a specific issue. My specialties are- acid reflux, anxiety, burnt out/overwhelmed, weight loss, learning how to slow down, preparing for pregnancy, pregnancy/postpartum, quitting a "bad" habit. 

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- Diana T

 I am no longer using eating or smoking to mask the uncomfortable feelings that surface in my life. I have committed to creating new life enhancing habits instead of self harming coping mechanisms.

Another result from coaching, I lost a solid 30 pounds and started a daily yoga practice, started having great bowel movements, & I feel stronger in my body. 


What does an Ayurvedic coaching session look like? 

Our first session we go over your intake form. We dive deep into your goals, & current habits that you feel ready to change. We will start putting together your wellness plan. What that looks like depends on your goals but it could look like the following:

*Morning Routine to get you grounded and starting your day on the right foot
*Personalized pranayama or yoga practice
*Switching up your workout routines if it’s not working 
*Nutrition guidance so you can better digest your food
*Evening routine guidance 
*Anxiety reducing practices personalized for you 
*How to get you to slow down without losing your edge practices 
*Practices specific to the following health issues- Reducing heartburn, weight loss, menstrual cycle health, pre/postpartum health are my specialty areas. 

All sessions are customized to your needs. Every session ends with 1-3 practices for you to implement in between sessions. I like to send weekly check-in emails in between sessions to help troubleshoot or adjust habits as needed. Our follow-up sessions are seeing what works, what needs tweaks, and practices that dive even deeper to help you reach your goals. 

What does a movement session look like? 

Our bi-weekly movement sessions you will get a new movement practice. The movement practice could be yoga, it could be strength training, it could be cardio needs. This practice will be one to help you balance your doshic needs based on our Ayurvedic calls in between movement sessions. 

Checkout a sample yoga practice below. 

Checkout a sample movement practice below. 

The results...

Learning how to Trust your intuition  

Many women get off the diet & workout hamster wheel and finally find the routines that work best for them. 

-Cutting out sugar 
-Early, lighter dinners
-Seasonal routines 
-Stress reducing bedtime routines
-A workout routine they enjoy

healthier habits

This is one of my favorite outcomes to see. So many of my clients report they just feel better about themselves after starting a workout program with me. 

They find their true why to moving their bodies and it usually is never tied to their weight. It's a beautiful process that is one of the most transformative ones. 

Feel better about Yourself

Understanding how to listen to your hunger cues, what you are actually craving. For example craving sweets? Often you need a little more playfulness or sweetness in your life. 

I teach you how to tap back into your inner wisdom. 

-Rose M.

Andrea is a mix of big sister and wise Ayurvedic Goddess wrapped into one. Over the past four months, I have been able to undergo a transformation of mind, body, and spirit, learning and exposing myself to a new body of thinking, and way of being. I have gained tools that will better my life in the long term, and through eating and new ways of being, I was able to normalize my thyroid, getting off of the medicine I was taking. She’s incredibly supportive, full of wisdom, powerful resources, and being on your team. Thank you for the wonderful experience, Andrea!


*2 -45 minute bi-weekly Ayurvedic coaching calls a month

*Custom wellness plans after each Ayurvedic call that could include:

 -Yoga asana practice
-Strength training workout 
-Mindfulness practice
-Food audits
-Sleep Habits
-Morning & Evening Routines
-Menstrual cycle practices based on your cycle phase
(if applicable) 

*Weekly text & email support 

*Ayurvedic welcome kit mailed to your home ($100 value) 

3 Month Program
$350/month for 3 months

Everyone comes to Ayurveda & movement with different goals. We change the focus each month based on your needs. 

Schedule Your Free 20 minute Ayurvedic Consult

Learn how to slow down tune in, & listen to your inner wisdom.  

3 Month Ayurvedic Coaching Program 

Wanting to know if this program is right for you?

The Program Details 

6 Month Program
$300/month for 6 months

6 Month Ayurvedic Coaching Program

*2 -45 minute bi-weekly Ayurvedic coaching calls a month

*Custom wellness plans after each Ayurvedic call that could include:

 -Yoga asana practice
-Strength training workout 
-Mindfulness practice
-Food audits
-Sleep Habits
-Morning & Evening Routines
-Menstrual cycle practices based on your cycle phase
(if applicable) 

*Weekly text & email support 

*Ayurvedic welcome kit mailed to your home ($100 value) 

-Hong B.

After working with Andrea, I was able to treat my debilitating heartburn naturally. No medications or doctor appointments were needed. I've also been able to stick with a consistent workout program for the first time in my life and I healed my diastasis recti.



Do you have any questions about Ayurvedic coaching? Write them below and Andrea will get back to you within 48 hours. 


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Thank you!

Meet Your Guide
Andrea Claassen

Why I love coaching Ayurveda & Yoga

Personally I have found since I started living an Ayurvedic & yogic lifestyle my health and awareness of my body has completely shifted. I started having lasting energy, better digestion and consistent wellness routines. Along with all of those benefits I've found a deeper layer of myself. 

I wanted to share with other busy humans tools to help YOU find your balance, add more movement into your day & live more in flow with nature. With each new quarter brings new energy and new chances to live in tune with nature & your own divine body wisdom. 

My official Bio 

I've been in the wellness community for over 14 years as an Ayurvedic Wellness Counselor, Yoga Teacher, Reiki Healer and Wild Woman Circle Leader. I also have a Bachelor's degree in Sports & Exercise Science, Psychology & Religion. Finally I'm a proud wife & mama to an active 5 year old boy.

Over the past 14 years Andrea has helped thousands of women transform their health. She has done this by giving her clients small habit changes to implement into their lives. These small habits lead to lasting changes. Andrea's goal is to help you evolve into the person you want to become.

Questions & Answers

What if I know nothing about ayurveda?

You don't need to know anything. Andrea will keep things simple and break things down so you will understand exactly what to do each week.

How much time will i need to devote to my wellness plan?

It depends. Everyone will come from different starting points and needs. The average amount of time will likely be between 10-90 minutes/day.

Will I need to purchase herbs, or Ayurvedic supplies?

You don't need anything to get started. Andrea will make recommendations based on your goals and do so in a budget friendly way. 

How do I know if this program is right for me?

You feel like something needs to shift in your wellness routine. You want a mind/body/soul coaching program. Ayurveda helps you learn how to reset your health habits.

How do I communicate with andrea in between sessions?

You will have text, email & voxer (like a voicemail system) support in between coaching calls. 

What if I'm not big into fitness or moving my body? 

This program would not be an ideal fit for you. I'm a big fan of movement to help us tune into our bodies. I've found many people have aha moments during movement practices that transcend into other areas of their lives.