Workout With Your

Hormones in Mind

In-Home & Online Personal Training for women

This program is for women who

  • Wants to workout with their hormones no matter the stage of life.

  • Who wants to lift weights, practice yoga, and bring mindfulness to their wellness routines.

In-home personal training available for those in the Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN Area

How is this program different from others? 

This program is a mind/body/soul program.

Andrea takes into account your hormones every workout. Not only do you get the workouts each week but you also get weekly Ayurvedic habits to help you sleep better, develop mindfulness practices & daily routines.  Along with nutrition guidance during the 12 week program. 

You will get mini programs as needed throughout your 12 week program such as travel workouts, yoga practices or meditations no two experiences are the same! 

Why we switch up your weekly workouts: 

Starting a workout routine just to stop 2 weeks later

Feeling exhausted after every workout all month long (you should feel energized & tired not depleted) 

Your body constantly being inflamed & sore

Dreading your workout routine half the month

The science is in and HIIT workouts for women all month long do not get us the results we once thought they did.

47% of women have a hormone imbalance in the United States. Pushing ourselves to the max in all areas of our lives does not work anymore. 

When we slow down & pay attention to our bodies we will find they are always talking to us. This is how we truly listen to our bodies.

Go from this

To This

Restored hormonal health

More daily energy & throughout your entire cycle

More muscle definition & weight loss

Feeling more in-tune with what your body needs in all areas of your life. 

Feeling exhausted after every workout all month long (you should feel energized & tired not depleted)

Starting a workout routine just to stop 2 weeks later

Your body constantly being inflamed & sore

Dreading your workout routine half the month

After just 6 months of working with Andrea, I have lost over 25 pounds, dropped 2 dress sizes. Andrea has pushed me to be the best version of myself. She holds me accountable, but in the most supportive way. She made me feel comfortable in my own skin, even though I was (and still am) a work in progress.

-Lynn D


Andrea is so well educated and tailors the workouts to challenge me taking my personal situation into account. She’s always changing it up and making me push myself. I also have lost 20 pounds and many inches!

-Jess B

After working with Andrea during pregnancy, I was able to compete and place 1st & 3rd in my first cross country ski race after I had my baby girl. She understood how to help me slow down & listen to my body during & after baby. 

-Bronze Medal Olympian Caitlin Gregg

I've never been able to stick to a consistent workout routine until working with Andrea. I can successfully say I now love yoga, and don't mind my quick 20 minute workouts. Plus was able to lose 10 pounds.

-Deb C. 

After working with Andrea, I was able to lose 11 pounds in 2 months & still enjoy wine!"

- Lacey S.

I ended up healthier after my son was born than before pregnancy.

-theresa B

Traditional workout routines have left you feeling depleted & you want to increase your energy. 

You want to start designing your life in a way that fits with your hormones.

You want to lose weight & tone up and don't want to workout 24/7 to do it!

You want movement to be fun and that will leave you feeling refreshed not exhausted. 

You want to truly understand how to listen to your body and live your life in harmony with you. 


This is for you if....

What most programs miss is the Mind/body/soul connection..

We need to discover what we like, what makes us feel good, and what works for us.

My #1 goal is to empower you to learn how to listen to your body to get you results. 

We will create a workout plan that will evolve with you based on your fitness level & needs. 

I'm ready. Let's go!

Pricing information 

30 Minute Session options available upon request. 
4 sessions a month $300
6 sessions a month $450
8 sessions a month $550

**All 30 minute sessions are done virtually 

i'm all in!

$440/Month for three months

  • 4 online or in-person sessions a month 

  • 45 Minute Sessions

  • Travel workouts created as needed for you.

  • Yoga and Pranayama (breathwork) 

  • Ayurvedic support for wellness habits.  

  • Virtual Sunday Yin Yoga Classes during Sacred Seasons program

Training 1x a week



Training 2x a week

  • 8 online or in-person sessions a month or training twice a week.

  • 45 Minute Sessions 

  • Travel workouts created as needed for you.

  • Yoga and Pranayama (breathwork) 

  • Ayurvedic support for wellness habits.  

  • Virtual Sunday Yin Yoga Classes during Sacred Seasons program

$880/Month for three months

i'm all in!


Alt. Training Schedule

  • 6 online or in-person sessions a month or training twice a week one week, once a week the next.

  • 45 Minute Sessions

  • Travel workouts created as needed for you.

  • Yoga and Pranayama (breathwork) 

  • Ayurvedic support for wellness habits.  

  • Virtual Sunday Yin Yoga Classes during Sacred Seasons program

$660/Month for three months

i'm all in!

This 12 week program includes..

Customized workouts based on your hormones

All workouts are 40 minutes in length or under.  You will have access to "homework" workouts to do outside of our sessions. 

Each workout will have either a yoga, strength training, bodyweight flow, coredio (core & cardio), or booty theme. All you will need is a set of dumbbells and a yoga mat for the workouts. 

Nutrition Tracking

You will have a nutrition tracking option if that is something you want to work on. Andrea will look at your nutrition from an Ayurvedic lens. She will give you feedback based on your goals. 

Most clients will only track for a week or two as my goal is to have you feeling more intuitive with your food vs tracking everything you eat.

Monthly Habits 

Each week or month you will new habits to work on to help you reach your mindfulness goals.

Developing a morning or evening routine, not drinking alcohol for a week, or starting a meditation practice for example.

Typical  Equipment Needed: 
 A SET OF DUMBBELLs and mini booty bands

I'm an Ayurvedic practitioner, certified personal trainer, a 500 hr yoga teacher and pre/post natal specialist since 2007.  I'm also a wife & mom to two active boys. 

My goal is to show women how Ayurveda can play a role in their fitness lifestyle. I teach women they can lift heavy, create a yoga practice & learn from the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda. 

I've been personal training since 2007 and have now trained well over a thousand women through the years. I specialize with helping busy moms manage to squeeze in time for them all while keeping your hormones in mind. 

I've trained in the pre/postpartum space since 2007 and have worked with women just wanting to get strong for birth all the way to Olympic athletes training during pregnancy. 

Meet your Coach

Andrea Claassen

Read more about me here

I started training with Andrea while pregnant with my second child, after badly injuring myself postpartum 4 months after having my first child. I thought I’d do it for the pre and post-natal period only, but I’ve been addicted to training with her ever since! Her maternity knowledge is unmatched, and 2 years later, she’s still finding ways to challenge me in a fun way. She keeps my workouts fresh and fun, tailoring everything to my specific style. It’s still amazing to me that I could lose all the baby weight through 30 minute workouts.

~Julie Y

What's Included in the program?

  • Sustained lasting energy throughout the month

  • Knowing when to rest and when to push ourselves

  • Understanding when we can connect to our intuition more deeply 

  • Weight loss and toning up 

  • More creative energy for work, family & your own hobbies.

  • A deeper understanding of your body so you can truly understand your hormones as a woman.

  • Less achy and cracking joints

30 or 45 minute online or in-person sessions with Andrea customized to your hormonal needs. Stay accountable and motivated to move your body each week. 

Text and email support to help you stay motivated each week 

Initial 30 minute consult call to help you get your program set-up. 

Nutrition tracking to help you find peace with your food using Ayurveda as your guide.  

The Results of working out in a more mindful way

Start to workout with your body and not against it. 

Understand when rest is best to help you achieve your fitness goals.

Pricing Options

Schedule your free Consult to see if we are a fit!

Let's see if we are a fit!

Weekly or monthly habits to incorporate that will best support your hormones.


Do you have questions about the program, or wondering if it would be a fit for you? Email me below and I will get back to you within 48 hours. 


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I've worked with Andrea for ~10 years, Her knowledge of anatomy, psychology and her ability to adapt a wellness plan for my needs has been critical to my physical health as I've gotten older. Andrea is experienced and knowledgeable. Her approach is holistic, her focus on long term results and helping people make positive lasting changes.

-Karen T

After working with Andrea, I was able to treat my debilitating heartburn naturally, no medications or doctor appointments needed. I've been able to stick with a consistent workout program for the first time in my life and I healed my diastasis recti.

-Hong B

 I wanted to stay active and healthy through my pregnancy, and I knew I needed to adapt my fitness routine to ensure I was focusing on the right movements and performing them safely. To say Andrea changed my life wouldn't be giving her enough credit. I've worked with my fair share of trainers before, but none of them would've had any idea what to do during and after pregnancy. Ladies, don't underestimate the value of working with a trainer who knows female bodies. Pregnant or not, I'd recommend Andrea to anyone looking to get fit and add challenging, customized workouts to their fitness repertoire. 


Working with Andrea has been phenomenal and life changing. I now view exercise and nutrition in a whole different way. For the first time I saw changes in my body that I had been trying to make happen for years on my own. Working with Andrea gave me the results I needed. She is very positive, upbeat and encouraging. I do and will recommend Andrea to everyone!

-Leah O

The workouts always include a nice variety and her linked videos help me keep on track when I am not in front of her. She seems to have a sense of just how much I can take, which makes it easier to complete the workouts she sets up for me. I've also lost 20 pounds! 

- Terry P

Questions & Answers

What if the workouts are to hard for me? 

The workouts will all be at your level. They are meant to push you but never make you feel defeated. You will leave each workout feeling inspired and ready to start your new workout routine. 

How much time should i devote to my WORKOUTS each week?

Most workouts will be between 30-40 minutes. There will be optional walking or yoga practices for those who want to add in more movement in their day. 

How do I access the workouts?

All the workouts will be in your Google Drive to access at home and will include video demonstrations on how to do each move. 

What if I don't know about ayurveda?

Totally fine. I will be using that as my framework to help you with nutrition support and daily routine support to help you get your hormones running smoothly. 

Do I have to workout with my menstrual cycle? 

I will be teaching you how to do that based on your energy levels. Most of my current clients find their energy shifts each month and enjoy adapting their workouts to their cycle. If that is no longer applicable to you we will focus on menopausal hormonal needs. 

will there be jumping in the workouts? 

It depends if you want there to be. If you're joints don't like jumping there will be low impact moves. 

How do i contact you if i have questions?

You will have my cell and email to communicate in between sessions as needed. 

Can I continue training with you after I complete the initial 12 weeks?

For sure! You will just renew your contract. The program is customized for you each month. 

What equipment do I need? 

I suggest a few sets of dumbbells, and a booty band to get started. If you have a gym membership let Andrea know and she will expand your program to include gym equipment relevant to your goals.  

How long are training sessions with Andrea?

30 minutes via Zoom or 45 minutes online or at your home depending the package that works best for you. 

What hours do you have open for new clients?

Right now I train from 8am-4pm CST Monday-Thursday & 8-12pm CST on Fridays. 

If I need to switch from in-person to online can I do that?

Yep if you or I have a cold, or the weather is bad we can still train just virtually those sessions. 

I have trained with Andrea right before my wedding and had GREAT results! She helped with nutrition and also made the work outs interesting by always making me challenge myself by doing something new. In the first two weeks I lost 8lbs and by the time we finished I lost a total of 16lbs and 12.25 inches. I looked great in my wedding dress and achieved the results I wanted with her help.

~Nicole C

Not sure if the program is right for you?

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