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Welcome to the Peaceful Power Podcast with Mama Says Namaste’s Ashley Logsdon. Find her freebie just for the listeners here- mamasaysnamaste.com/peacefulpower


I stumbled upon Ashley’s podcast while searching for a new yoga podcast. I was intrigued by her lifestyle and her message. She is living in an RV with her hubby and 3 girls. She runs a business from her RV, unschooling her kids, and travels the country. It is such a fun interview where we get insight into a new way to live and how yoga plays a vital role in her families life on the daily basis.

Background on Ashley

Ashley takes families from surviving to thriving by helping them uncover how “the uniqueness in each of us strengthens all of us”. She guides parents through identifying their strengths – and also their triggers – to live with intention and not simply reaction to the chaos of an ever-growing family.
Ashley, her husband, three unschooling daughters and dog are RVing the States full-time. They focus on authenticity, awareness, and embracing love in the present moment. Find out more at www.MamaSaysNamaste.com

Connect with Ashley

Topics Discussed

  • Personality Types
  • Communication Styles
  • Family Values
  • How yoga plays a vital role in her life
  • Unschooling
  • Living in an RV and traveling the country

Ashley’s Weekly Challenge

Hug your kiddo, rub their back, hold their hand, actually kiss your spouse.


Kid Friendly Yoga Websites
Ashley’s Oldest Daughters Website 

Where to connect with Andrea


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