Retreat Date: October 2024 (Exact date coming soon) 

Hours: 10-4pm 

Location: Camp Sacajawea in Apple Valley, MN

An Ayurveda & yoga retreat to help you slow down, tune in and connect with your inner wisdom.

Divine Body Wisdom Retreat

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    Retreat Location: 
    5121 McAndrews Road,
    Apple Valley MN 55124

      The Divine Body Wisdom Retreat is all about helping you fill up your cup, remember to dream again, and find fulfilling self-care outside of our day together. 

      I know as a busy mom, and business owner we need to make sure we take time to fill up our cups.

      Are you in need of a day to relax, take time for you and hear yourself think again?

      take a DAY FOR YOU TO GET YOUR NEEDS TAKEN CARE OF, MEET NEW FRIENDS, AND or RELAX, and leave with a practical self-care practices you can implement after the retreat.

      This is ALL possible. I'll show you how!

      You will get to explore your relationship with stillness. 

      Get comfortable with the stillness

      You will leave with an action plan of how to stay in the high vibes you get at the retreat plus a customized flower essence blend.

      Create your Spring Self-Care Plans

      Whether your brand new to Ayurveda, or have practiced Ayurvedic practices in the past, you will learn what tools you need to find your inner balance.

      Learn how Ayurveda can fit into your life

      Often we are so busy attending to others needs, ours comes last. Spend a little time focusing on you this spring season.

      Spend a day tuning back into your needs

      What if you could...

      still have a few doubts...

      You spend all day taking care of others, have a day for your needs to be met!

      Release the guilt and take a day for you!

      A day full of Ayurvedic & Yoga practices that will leave you feeling renewed, rejuvenated and relaxed! 

      It's time to get off the screens and hit the reset button.  

      The Divine Body Wisdom Retreat

      you're gonna love

      Tentative Retreat Schedule 

      10am-11am- Wild Woman Welcome Circle 

      11am-12pm- Yoga Practice for the Fall Season 

      12-12:45pm- Lunch & Free Time 

      12:45-1:45pm- Guided Forest Bathing 

      1:45pm-3pm- Ayurvedic Grounding Workshop  (you will be crafting your own customized flower essence blend to take home)

      3-3:30pm- Yin Yoga for the Root Chakras

      3:30-4pm- Closing Circle

      Meals will be provided, you get to stay right on the retreat property so you will have space to read, meditate, practice yoga, or mingle with others. 

      Your needs taken care of

      You will have access to me throughout the day to ask any Ayurvedic questions specific to your own needs. 

      1:1 Personalized Feedback & Support

      This is not a retreat where the agenda is so full that it leaves you feeling like you need a vacation after your weekend. You will have downtime.  

      A flexible schedule 

      This Retreat is Focused on Getting You Results in 3 Core Ways

      Join the retreat

      By the end of this retreat, you will have a spring routine you will love, Ayurvedic practices that work for you, and a true understanding of what Ayurveda is! 

      Andrea is an incredible source of embodied wisdom! I attended the Inner Wisdom Retreat with an open heart and a desire to connect deeply with myself. Andrea did such a beautiful job of setting the path for this to happen.

      All of the practices and information that Andrea taught and shared benefited me greatly. Her pacing throughout the retreat was incredibly intuitive to the group's needs! I was able to leave the retreat recharged, connected, and hopeful. I can't recommend Andrea enough! She is one of a kind.

      Christina S. 

      The Inner Wisdom Retreat was the perfect opportunity to release what I no longer needed to make room for what I do need in preparation for the upcoming transition into the Fall season.

      As a full time working mother, I struggle to make time for me and Andrea's retreat left me feeling renewed and restored with several tangible tools that I have already started to implement into my daily routine. The sessions were relevant and the sequencing flowed so well throughout the day. I am already looking forward to the next one!


      This retreat is tailored to YOUR needs. Andrea will meet with you 1:1 during the retreat to get a feel for how the information can be put into your life. No matter if your a newbie or an expert!  

      Whether you're brand new to Ayurveda, or know a bit about the practices... 

      - Cyndi 

      I felt like the entire event was perfect, a great mix of new and old practices, etc. The sessions were all relevant and timely, the content was spot on to each person due to Andrea's vast wealth of knowledge. 

      You will get a 50% refund, up to 60 days before the retreat if you need to cancel for any reason. If you need to cancel within the 60 day window, unfortunately there is no refund due to the limited spaces at the live event, and ability to fill the remaining spots.  

      Here is our refund policy 


      This retreat we will have space to work on improving various areas of your life. 

      Working on bettering yourself doesn't interest you.

      If time is something you can never seem to have enough of, this is not the retreat to attend. 

      You don't have time to live a holistic lifestyle.

      You will be invited to drop in and be present. Ideally your phone won't be attached to you at all times and you can truly detach from technology.  

      You can't commit to unplugging for a day.

      If you hate the idea of finding peace in quietness, this is not the retreat for you. 

      Slowing down is not something you're open to.

      This is not for you if...

      This weekend you will leave with tools to implement into your daily life after the retreat. 

      You are ready to deepen your relationship with yourself.

      Learn to live with a mind/body/soul approach in a world that doesn't always honor the inner wisdom.

      You are passionate about living a holistic lifestyle.

      This weekend we will dive into taking a weekend just for you and your needs so you leave feeling refreshed. 

      You can commit to taking a day for your own self-care.

      If life has been feeling very full, and fast this is the weekend to embrace the stillness. 

      Your in need of slowing down.

      This is for you if...

      The food was also incredible! 

      - Christina 

      "The 5 senses walk really hit home for me in just the right way!"

      I was very impressed with how the retreat's schedule was planned but didn't run so strictly on the timed schedule. I enjoyed how there was a theme to the retreat and each practice and lesson tied into it somehow.

      - Teresa

      - Tammy R. 

      This retreat was a great reconnection to nature for myself. 

      I can't wait to go to the next one! 

      I went from overworked, stressed out, throwing up every Friday due to stress to uncovering the tools I need to stay in balance with Ayurveda. 

      I'm an Ayurvedic Wellness Counselor, RYT 500 hour yoga teacher, and Wild Woman Circle leader. I've  been in the wellness space since 2007. My mission is to help you start to live a cyclical life by living in alignment with your menstrual cycle and the seasons. I've been a student of Ayurveda for the past 8 years and plan to be a student for another 60+! 

      Why a retreat? I've found from personal experiences a weekend retreat can transform your life with the right experience. If you feel called to make shifts in your life there is nothing like a retreat to help give you the push in the right direction. 

      Ayurveda has transformed my life and I look forward to sharing the magic with you! 

      Why learn from me?

      join now

      Yes, I’m ready to connect with my inner wise woman! 

      "I was able to start a new journal practice after attending Divine Body Wisdom." 

      "I started living an Ayurvedic lifestyle, by investing in new books and cooking in alignment with the seasons." 

      "I started a new morning routine that helped me connect with myself in a new way." 

      Real Results from Real Students

      Common Qs and As:

      I have a question...

      Yes, lunch will be provided. As well as snacks throughout the retreat. Breakfast and dinner are on  your own. 

      Are all the meals included in the retreat? 

      Since this is live event there are no refunds 60 days prior to the retreat. There is a 50% refund if one is needed 60 days before the event. 

      What is your refund policy? 

      It will be gentle yoga practices, and optional dance breaks throughout the day, the walk will be at your pace weather dependent. 

      The movement practices will be gentle for all levels to stretch out the body. 

      How intense will the yoga classes be?

      As interactive as you want to make it. Feel free to ask questions throughout the day. You will leave with an Ayurvedic action plan customized for you. 

      How interactive will the retreat be? 

      Your journal, pens, water bottle, yoga mat, tennis shoes for the walk, change of clothes if you want to change after the yoga portion or the walk pending how warm the day is you might be sweating. 

      Do you need to bring anything?

      Comfy clothes. Yoga pants for the movement portions, plus we will be sitting on the floor or couches for some portions of the retreat. 

      You will also want a pair of shorts or loose joggers for the self-massage portion of class. 

      What should we wear? 

      We will start at 10am and wrap up by 4pm. 

      What are the hours of the retreat? 

      With this Retreat, you can.

      Become more confident in listening to your intuition by using tools that have been at your disposal for centuries.

      In recent years we’ve forgotten our connection to the powers that lie deep in our bones and I want to help you awaken to your powers once again.

      Imagine if you could...

      A look back at last years retreat! 

      Still not sure? Get an insider peek into the retreat below!

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      Are you ready to say yes to slowing down and listening to your inner wisdom? 

        NExt retreat coming Fall 2024!