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75: How to Start Living a Fitness based Lifestyle

Welcome to the Peaceful Power Podcast I’m Andrea Claassen the host of the show. Today we are talking about how to start living a fitness based lifestyle.

Last week we discussed the mindset of not knowing where to start. Today we will be tackling how to actually start.
If you haven’t listened to the mindset episode go back to episode 73 and take a listen. That will help you get your mind right to actually begin making those changes needed to start living a fitness lifestyle.
Where to start:
  • Make a goal & connect it to your why
  • Follow the calendar you laid out in creating your mindset episode
  • Put people in your life that will help you reach your goal
  • Start! The fear that you will have come up notice what it is and see how you can address that.
  • How can you implement movement into your daily life?
  • Where can you add healthy eating into your routine?
  • Stay consistent
Let me know how it goes and continue to stay consistent with what you’re striving for. Perfection is an illusion and consistency always wins. Celebrate the small victories and embrace the life changes you’re trying to make.

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