73: I don’t know where to start?

Welcome to the Peaceful Power Podcast I’m Andrea Claassen the host of the show. Today we are talking about the I don’t know where to start fear.

Today I’m going to start a two part series for the upcoming solo shows. Today we will be tackling the mindset of the I don’t know where to start syndrome and in two weeks we will tackle the action you need to take to get started.
Why don’t we know where to start?
-What fears hold us back?
-What have we failed at in the past?
-What excuses are we holding onto that are keeping us stuck?
The Prep needed
-Make a schedule
-What do you need to learn?
-What is your plan?
-Don’t just make a plan for a month (that typically fails)
-Find your why
We will tackle a few action steps to take next week. I will break down where to start and a few workouts I would suggest for someone not knowing where to begin.
Let me know over on instagram if you like the two part action series. As I have a solo summer series coming up focused on how I incorporate Ayurveda into my training styles.

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