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215: Krista King Healthy Happy Hormones


Todays episode I interview Krista King on hormonal health and how to live with the seasons of our hormones.



I found Krista on Instagram and was loving the information she was sharing. I knew I wanted to chat with her about hormonal health, healthy periods, digestion and everything in between. Krista is another Instagram account I highly recommend following if you enjoy learning while you’re on the gram. She has great infographics, and ideas on how to implement changes into your life with each of her posts.

Where to connect with Krista  

Topics Discussed

  • Hormonal health what it is and how to balance it
  • Healthy periods
  • Blood sugar & stress
  • Preconception hormones
  • Digestion
  • Gut health 101

Weekly Challenge:

Start asking yourself what are these symptoms teaching or telling me? Write out a line with health above the line and life events below it. Notice how your life and health are going hand in hand with each other.

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