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136: Control Gone Wrong


Welcome to the Peaceful Power Podcast and today I’m chatting about how trying to control everything in your life can go very wrong.

Today I get personal and share with you how my control started in high school. It started innocently enough but turned into 12 years of control gone wrong. I share how nothing crazy happened one day I just decided I wanted to change and just broke the cycle of needing to overly control aspects of my life in unhealthy ways.

I think so many times we do this with our health goals we think this is the only way to get results when in reality there are so many ways we just need to find the way that will work best for us.

When we think about control I want you to think about where you need to relax and let go of control and gripping that you might be doing in your life right now.


My Weekly Challenge

Where can you release control in your life this week?

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