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122: Kate Hoerner on Breaking Through our Fitness Stories


Welcome to the Peaceful Power Podcast and today we are breaking down the fitness mindset with Kate Hoerner.


Kate and I met last year in our mastermind we did with Jill Coleman (who will be my guest in a few weeks) I’ve met some amazing women through her mastermind and have had quite a few amazing women on as guests this past year. Kate actually just launched a podcast with Emily Gough called the Fit & Nourished Mind podcast. It is a great real podcast about how to reach your fitness goals, I highly recommend as I’m slowing transitioning away from just fitness topics this is a great podcast to tune into for the truth around fitness.

Background on Kate

Kate is a certified personal trainer, group fitness instructor, and nutrition coach.
Years ago, she was a fad-dieting cardio junkie, always obsessing over calories and miles on the treadmill.
After sustaining an extreme overuse injury that put her on crutches for months, Kate’s perception of fitness totally changed.
Her legs weren’t just for running anymore…They were for living.
She found confidence and strength through weight training, and re-discovered the things in her life that had been overshadowed by an incessant fixation on dieting and exercise.
Kate works with women who are consumed by diet and exercise- like she used to be- and helps them get unstuck, re-gain control, and start living their best lives.

Connect with Kate

Topics Discussed

  • Dealing with injuries and your health
  • Her battle with Lymes disease
  • A better approach to fitness goals in 2018
  • The marketing game of the fitness industry
  • How boutique gyms & classes are transforming the way we train
  • Her podcast- The Fit & Nourished Mind Podcast

Kate’s Weekly Challenge

Try a new workout this week. Not a new style of the same workout you currently do, but a brand new style of workout. 

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