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111: Erika Fischer on Transforming with Yoga


Welcome to the Peaceful Power Podcast with Erika Fischer as our guest today talking about addiction & yoga.


I was finding Erika’s work on Instagram and have been loving what she has been putting out into the world. I looked into her website & philosophy and we are very aligned with our views on yoga and how it can transform people’s lives. Erika has battled her own addictions in the past and now runs an outpatient treatment center with yoga as a focal point.

Background on Erika

Erika’s interest in self-discovery and personal growth, began with her own journey of recovery from addiction, leading her down a road of self-reflection. At her core, she knew her purpose was to use her experiences, struggles and successes to inspire others. She took her first Bikram yoga class at the age of 21, during an especially challenging time of transition. The room was hotter than anything she had ever experienced. When she stepped out of that room sopping wet with perspiration, after 90 minutes of both physical and mental transformation, she was absolutely hooked! Over time, her love of yoga grew. She found her confidence, and was set on a natural course of healing; through her commitment to breath, asana and meditation. Her own experience of transformation and internal healing is what drove her to pursue a career as a yoga instructor and is what continues to motivate and inspire her today.
Erika is a Bikram certified yoga instructor, and has also completed 500+ hours of vinyasa and meditation training under the expert teachings of Elena Brower, Anne Marie Kramer and zen master Ryuten Paul Rosenblum Roshi. Erika continues to learn and grow under the mentorship of master teacher, Lesley Desaulniers. Erika teaches with both fire and softness, as she guides her students with compassion, through asana and breath.
In addition to her love of teaching, Erika is a certified holistic health coach and mama to her 2-year-old son, Zander. Erika is also co-founder of Safe Passage Recovery, a certified drug and alcohol outpatient treatment center, based in Marin County, California and she works closely with clients leading a weekly leadership development group.

Connect with Erika

Topics Discussed

  • Her personal battles growing up & how she found herself in the yoga world
  • How yoga & meditation work in her treatment center
  • Incorporating both fire & compassion in her teachings
  • Finding your higher self
  • Letting go of past stories that are no longer serving us
  • How becoming a mother has shifted her yoga practice & life

Erika’s Weekly Challenge

Getting into a gratitude practice when you start your day. Start by making a gratitude list.

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