Ayurvedic Fall Tips for each dosha

September 6, 2022


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I'm an Ayurvedic Wellness Counselor, 500 HR Yoga Teacher & Ayurvedic postpartum doula. Movement, Mindfulness & Mother Nature are my 3 pillars for health. 

I'm Andrea - your Seasonal living guide

Ayurvedic Fall Tips!

Learn how to stay in balance all season long this coming fall season.

Ayurvedic Fall Guide

Seasonal Living Collective

Join us for the 4 week Seasonal Living Collective experience. It is designed to help you become more in-tune with yourself, and help you connect to your inner magical medicine. You will learn how to connect to nature, your inner goddess, the moon, your divine self, and how to balance your ojas (vital energy).
Breathwork follicular phase

I wanted to create this program to help women become more confident in listening to our intuition by using tools that have been at our disposal for centuries. In recent years we’ve forgotten our connection to the powers that lie deep in our bones and I want to help you awaken to your powers once again.

Ayurveda Fall Routines

What does dinacharya mean?  Daily routine. In Ayurveda (the science of life) routines are a vital part of our daily existence. What we do on a regular basis is how we cultivate good or bad habits. When we get out of our routine is when we lose focus on our goals and our habits tend to shift. One of the most common times to lose our habits is with the change of the seasons. With each change of the season comes in new energy, weather, and attitude. If we don’t adjust accordingly we tend to fall off track and have trouble staying consistent and is one of the big reasons people don’t tend to stick with a goal. Below you will learn about all four of the seasons and some habit shifts to make with each change of the guard so to speak. First I want to start you off with a basic daily routine below that you can follow and modify as you see fit based on the time of the year.


Daily Dinacharya Example

  • Wake up at or around 6am
  • Say a prayer or as you put your feet on the ground say I’m transitioning from my head space into my heart space. Or whatever phrase is calling to you to start your day with intention.
  • Scrape your tongues, wash your face and brush your teeth
  • Drink water
  • Have a bowel movement (it is suppose to common naturally within the first hour of waking ifnot look into diet & lifestyle changes to help you become more regular)
  • Nasya oil or neti pot depending on the season
  • Meditation or movement depending on your dosha and what you need in your life
  • Divine Time see handout
  • Incorporate 10 minute medicine into your day as needed (see handout)
  • Self-massage at some point in your day- dry brush or using oils such as coconut oil
  • Early lighter dinner (eating something light and done eating by 6-7pm, the earlier the better) &early to bed (in bed by 10pm most nights)

Fall Season (Vata time of year)

The Fall is another great time of year to indulge in a cleanse. Late September or October are a great time of year to have a cleanse once the weather starts to cool down. The cleanse can be 1-3 weeks. Typically the first week you ease into it, 2nd week add a few more restorative practices, and week 3 you are able to fully submerge yourself into the cleanse.

The daily Fall Cleanse Lifestyle & Exercise Guidelines

-Notice the below avoid & enjoy tips are specific to the Fall cleanse

General Fall Tips

The Fall season is a time of transition. The trees, weather, plants are all changing around us and our bodies feel the effects whether we notice it or not. More grounding foods, and practices are needed to ground down. This is the time of the year to have heavy, oil, fat & protein based foods.

Routines are key in the Fall as that helps keep Vata grounded. The more you can wake up and go to bed around the same time the more likely you are to stay grounded in your body.

Don't know your dosha? Take the free quiz first!


Vata Dosha During Fall Season


• Cold foods & drinks
• Raw foods
• Being out in the wind without your head being covered- vata lives in the ears so if you get extra wind there you might start to feel very ungrounded & spacey.


  • A nap if you need it
  • Epsom salt bath, steam room
  • Restorative yoga
  • Sipping hot water
  • Oil massage
  • Go to bed early
***Vata dosha on a Fall cleanse can be anywhere from 3-5 days

Pitta Dosha During the Fall Season

  • Spicy ingredients- hot sauce, cayenne pepper
  • Nightshades- tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, & white potatoes
  • Vigorous exercise- If you usually run, walk.


  • Grounding yoga practice
  • Lighter strength training sessions think 15-20 reps if feeling a little “spacey” or“ungrounded”
  • Sleep is key to help rejuvenate during the Fall season
  • Routines that incorporate self-care
  • Go to bed by 10pm
  • An afternoon grounding practice such as a walk in nature, meditation practice, or a few yoga poses will help the afternoon fatigue that comes with the Fall season.

***Pitta dosha on a Fall cleanse can be anywhere from 5-7 days

Kapha Dosha During the Fall Season


  • Eating between meals
  • Eating too much at one time
  • Being at home every single day


  • Early, lighter dinners
  • Going to bed early
  • Movement to start your day
  • Not to heavy of foods- watch the root vegetables if feeling out of balance
  • Dance, flowing yoga, being out in nature

*****Kapha dosha on a Fall cleanse can be anywhere from 7-12 days

5dayayurvedic toolkit

Free 5 Day Ayurvedic Toolkit

Get started on your Ayurvedic journey one day at a time this Fall season with the free guide to start living aligned with yourself and the seasons.

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    I'm an Ayurvedic Wellness Counselor, 500 HR Yoga Teacher & Ayurvedic postpartum doula. Movement, Mindfulness & Mother Nature are my 3 pillars for health. 

    I'm Andrea - your Seasonal living guide

    LEarn My Story

    I specialize in disrupting the personal training industry by infusing my workouts with Ayurveda and yoga principles. 

    I host a weekly podcast, Peaceful Power Podcast and have written two cyclical living books- Divine Body Wisdom and Ayurvedic Approach to Healing Your Menstrual Cycle. 

    I graduated from Shakti School in 2019 as an Ayurvedic Wellness Counselor. I'm a 500 HR Yoga Teacher and Ayurvedic postpartum doula graduate from Inner Sun & Moon AyurDoula Program. I've specialized in pre/postpartum fitness since 2007. 

    My other interests are playing tennis, watching the Hallmark Channel, and enjoying my morning cup of coffee. I also love exploring my favorite nature trail with my two sons and husband. 

    I'm an Ayurvedic Wellness counselor, Ayurvedic postpartum doula & 500 HR Yoga Teacher and Personal trainer since 2007.

    I'm Andrea — your Ayurvedic & Yoga  Guide.

    Learn what practices are best to live in alignment with the current season. You will also receive a yoga asana practice, seasonal tips, two Ayurvedic seasonal recipes and dosha pacifying practices. 

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