Menstrual Phase Tips

September 2, 2022


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I'm an Ayurvedic Wellness Counselor, 500 HR Yoga Teacher & Ayurvedic postpartum doula. Movement, Mindfulness & Mother Nature are my 3 pillars for health. 

I'm Andrea - your Seasonal living guide

Menstrual Phase Tips

What is going on during the menstrual phase of your cycle?

  • Days 1-6 of your cycle the endometrial lining is shedding and estrogen, progesterone are at their lowest when bleeding starts.

  • Nutrition add in more- Iron rich foods & vitamin 

  • Training- Rest is best the first 2 days of your cycle 

  • A great time to tap into your intuition. 

  • Work- Try and do very relaxed tasks, not a time to tackle a big project.

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Pranayama menstrual phase

Pranayama for the menstrual phase

Alternate nostril breathing and bhramari pranayama are excellent and I have videos demonstrating them somewhere here on IG. Today I will share a new one Udgeeth Pranayama. 

Benefits include:

✅Helps clear the mind

✅Removes negative thoughts

✅Reduces Stress

✅Improves sleep quality 

✅Increases energy levels

✅Lowers blood pressure 

✅Boosts the immune system 

How to do it:

In this pranayama we chant the mantra om. Om is a sacred sound considered by many yogic and Ayurvedic texts to be the sound of the universe, encompassing all other sounds within it. 

1️⃣Sit in a comfortable seated position. Your spine straight and maybe sitting on a cushion or blanket. 

If on a chair feet flat. 

2️⃣Close your eyes and take deep breaths through your nose. Allow your body to relax and bring awareness to your breath. 

3️⃣Focus on diaphragmatic breathing so the belly rises and falls with the breath. Begin to chant the mantra Om with each exhalation. 

4️⃣Work on having exhalations as long as possible without strain. Allow the breath to create sound. 

5️⃣Experiment with the loudness of Om to make sure it holds your attention on the practice. 

6️⃣Perform for 2-10 minutes. 

ayurvedic menstrual phase

Ayurvedic approach to Menstrual Phase

The vata dosha is predominant during the bleeding phase of your cycle. That is why rest is encouraged. Sometimes we feel the rush of energy but that doesn’t mean we should act on that energy. We have to be mindful to keep that vata dosha balanced, grounded and flowing down and out (apana vayu). 

Here is what a healthy flow looks like according to Ayurveda. 

  • Bright red in color.
  • Does not stain clothing (a common characteristic of ama, or toxic, unprocessed substance in our body that clogs channels and creates dysfunction).
  • Has an odor that is not foul.
  • In total throughout your bleeding phase the amount of blood released can fit into 4 cupped hands. 
Restorative yoga

Yoga for the Menstrual Phase

During this phase we are wanting to keep the vata dosha grounded. Restorative yoga is perfect for opening the pelvis to let the apana vayu (down & out) energy continue to flow. 

Start with 5 minutes of pranayama- alternate nostril breathing, bhramari, or Udgeeth. 

  • Supported butterfly pose- hold 5 minutes
  • Supine supported backbend - hold 3-5 minutes
  • Child’s Pose- hold 3-4 minutes
  • Prone Supported Twist- 3-5 minutes side
  • Supported side body stretch- hold 2-4 minutes a side
  • Legs up the wall- hold 5 minutes 
self study

Svadhyaya or Self-Study

A tip from my book Divine Body Wisdom menstrual cycle tip for the Fall season is to practice svadhyaya . 

Svadhyaya means self study. Ideally in the menstrual phase you are resting but for my fellow pittas who want to do something svadhyaya is the perfect solution. Grab a book off your bookshelf that is something that you have wanted to study or learn but haven’t made the time for and dive in. 

My personal favs for self-study:

📖Balance Your Hormones, Balance Your Life by Dr. Claudia Welch

📖Women Who Run With The Wolves by Clarissa Pinkola Estes 

What are you favorite ways to practice self-study or your go to books to learn from? 

luteal phase tips (1)

My Experience and how do you feel at this time?

I would love to know how you experience the luteal phase? For me, I approach it in two different phases and tune into my body even more to notice when I shift into needing to slow down vs continuing my regular scheduled program.

What is your experience with the luteal phase is it one you enjoy, or do you try to pack too much into your schedule and it feels overwhelming? Let me know in a DM over on Instagram!

menstrual cycle

Join the free 5 day coaching program

If you want more menstrual cycle tips from an Ayurvedic & Yogic viewpoint make sure you sign-up for my free 5 day Menstrual Cycle Immersion live coaching program. It runs from September 5th-9th. Learn how to live in sync with your cycle and start reducing your period pains today! 

September 5th-9th, 2022! 

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    Ayurvedic Pregnancy 

    How to do a Castor Oil Pack

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    I'm an Ayurvedic Wellness Counselor, 500 HR Yoga Teacher & Ayurvedic postpartum doula. Movement, Mindfulness & Mother Nature are my 3 pillars for health. 

    I'm Andrea - your Seasonal living guide

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    I'm an Ayurvedic Wellness counselor, Ayurvedic postpartum doula & 500 HR Yoga Teacher and Personal trainer since 2007.

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