95: Sandra Rojo on Living Your Authentic Life


Welcome to the Peaceful Power Podcast with Sandra Rojo where we chat about living your truth.


Sandra and I connected over on Instagram. I love what she is putting out into the world. Her message is spot on to what I believe in and spread. I reached out to her to see if she would be a guest and it was her first podcast interview she shared with me afterwards and let me tell you, I couldn’t even tell. She has such a calm soothing voice and someone who is sure of her message. I can’t wait to share with you more tools on stepping into your own truth with Sandra.

Background on Sandra

Sandra Rojo has a B.S. in Psychology and Life Coaching. She has extensive and well-rounded accredited training and works in: Leadership, Health & Wellness, Personal Development, Behavioral, Spiritual and Grief/Loss, chronic illnesses. Sandra is also a Shamanic Practitioner, Reiki Teacher, Mindfulness practitioner and uses other integrative therapies in her practice. Sandra has been teaching and coaching for over 15 years in the USA and in Italy where she lived for 12 years. She has clients worldwide and speaks three languages.

Connect with Sandra

Topics Discussed

  • What does living in authentic life look like
  • How to find your purpose
  • Finding your truth
  • Stopping all the outside noise
  • Nutrition chat
  • Boundaries

Sandra’s Weekly Challenge

Bring an intentional awareness to yourself in stillness before acting on a question you’ve been pondering.


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