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92: How Yoga Has Transformed My Life


Welcome to the Peaceful Power Podcast and today I’m breaking down the Peaceful Power Practice of yoga.

We are on to Peaceful Power Practice #7 of 8! We are almost there. Today is an Ayurvedic tradition with that being yoga. Let’s start with my favorite style of yoga to practice I’m more of a hatha, vinyassa, or yin girl. I hate hot yoga and am doing a home practice more now the past few months. Now with all that being said let’s begin with my journey into yoga.

Topics Discussed

  • Finding yoga at Lifetime Fitness
  • Trying heated yoga
  • Going on vacation and stumbling upon a yoga class in the mountains
  • First yoga retreat in Costa Rica
  • Deciding I wanted to be a yoga teacher
  • Not feeling “yoga” enough to be a teacher
  • Going through 9 month Ayurvedic training
  • Present day bringing it to my everyday life & clients lives

This is one of my favorite ways to move my body now I have fully embraced my yoga side and no longer think of it as “just” doing yoga it is a workout, it counts, I’m moving my body and reaching my goals by incorporating it both on and off the yoga mat.

My challenge to you this week:

Do an at-home yoga practice. Check out this freebie routine to do it from the comforts of home.


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