91: Wendy Hendry on Finding your Food Freedom


Welcome to the Peaceful Power Podcast today I talk about food freedom with Wendy Hendry.


Wendy was someone I came across recently and loved her message. She talks about finding your food freedom. She teaches us her W.A.I.T philosophy and how we can use it before each meal. She is full of nutrition information and helps other’s reach their fitness goals by staying dedicated to her goals.

Background on Wendy

Wendy Hendry is considered one of the most inspiring people in the fitness industry. As well as being the author of Amazon Best-Seller, W.A.I.T.loss: The Keys to Food Freedom and the owner of Sweaty Chix Fitness, she has motivated people in her role as Health and Wellness Coach and entrepreneur.
Wendy’s passion for health and fitness was driven by her own personal struggle with food addiction and obesity. In her own personal pursuit of health and healing, she began on a journey that would eventually strike a flame in thousands to get healthy. Eventually becoming an expert in nutrition as well as fitness, her W.A.I.T. Method to mindful eating has influenced thousands more to overcome food addictions and unhealthy habits.
Wendy received her Bachelors degree in Microbiology from Brigham Young University and is co-founder of Biolynk Corporation, an Antibody Recruitment Company.

Connect with Wendy

Topics Discussed

  • W.A.I.T loss philosophy
  • Food Addiction
  • Breaking food habits
  • How to work around the diet culture
  • Mindfulness in both fitness & nutrition

Wendy’s Weekly Challenge

Drink 100 ounces of water a day this week



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