89: Brittany Dixon: Nutrition talk for mommas with young kids


Welcome to the Peaceful Power Podcast today I chat with Brittany Dixon about healthy food choices for young kids.


Brittany is someone who I discovered on Instagram and was struck by her honesty and approach to raising her two girls. She has a fantastic blog where she shares her insights of being a mom and truly gives you a look into her life. Her blog started as a 5 day a week blog, 2 times a day! As her kids aged she realized 3 days a week has become a little more of a doable number. She shows what activities she does with her girls, what she feeds her daughters and will be sharing her journey into homeschooling this Fall. Any moms out there looking for fun creative ideas to do with their kids make sure you check out her blog over at www.ahealthysliceoflife.com

Background on Brittany Dixon

Brittany Dixon a former health coach turned SAHM to two sweet girls. She shares her love for healthy food and meal planning along with finding the joy in the daily challenges and triumphs of motherhood. Her blog also discusses homeschooling, and adventure she will be embarking on soon, and her family’s travel adventures.

Connect with Brittany

Topics Discussed

  • Baby-led weaning
  • Meal planning for busy moms
  • Rainy day activities for young kids
  • Staying positive on the tough days
  • Snacks for kids
  • Staying positive on the tough days

Brittany’s Weekly Challenge

Try one new fruit & vegetable this week


Snack Idea: Use a ziplock bag cut off one end put greek yogurt into bag & squeeze small dots onto a tray & freeze to make a quick yummy snack.

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