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67: Katie Wildhagen on booty lifting and soul shifting


Welcome to the Peaceful Power Podcast I’m your host Andrea Claassen. Today I will be talking with Katie Wildhagen of Katie Cakes Bakeshop.


Katie & I met about year ago on a mastermind retreat. We connected over being from small midwest towns and our love of Kevin Garnett. Katie has not only one of the coolest brand names but is such an inspirational woman who wants to up-level your fitness and mindset. She talks about how she went into cardiac arrest at 18 and how that has played a vital role in her life and journey to finding her passion and living her dream.


Katie “Cakes” Wildhagen, creator and founder of theBAKESHOP, is dedicated to making the world sweeter, one booty at a time. Through pursuing her passions as a personal trainer and fitness professional, she has come to understand the importance of living in your purpose. And as a strong believer in the ability of a consistent and specific fitness program to not only create the curves we’re looking for, but to uplift and elevate the spirit, Katie shares her love of all things Mind.Booty.Soul!
Through her “BootyLifterSoulShifter” program, Katie is helping women rediscover the “cheeky” side of fitness, and how to create an abundant layered life!

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Topics Discussed

  • How she overcame a cardiac arrest at 17
  • Moving from Nebraska to LA & the mindset needed
  • Making a career switch to find her passion
  • How Marianne Williamson has made an impact on her life
  • How to find your passion
  • How to overcome dark times
  • How to have a positive attitude while still honoring the darker times

Katie’s Weekly Challenge

Once a day compliment a woman preferably a stranger everyday for the next week.

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