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239: Ayurvedic Approach to Kapha Kiddos


Dosha Background

I wanted to touch on Ayurveda and kiddos and how you can help set your child(ren) up for success no matter their dosha. Just like an adult each dosha has a few unique qualities and in a child having boundaries set, the right amount of give and take can really help them succeed.

What are the doshas? They are the mind/body energies we consist of in Ayurveda we call them vata, pitta & kapha. We have all 3 in us in varying amounts. The unique make-up we have at birth is called our prakriti, when they are out of balance we call it our vikriti. So just like adults kids can be out of balance with their innate nature. For example you probably can think of your siblings as have a lot of similarities but you also have some differences. In Ayurveda a vata sibling for example might be the dreamer, the wonderer, the creative, where as the pitta sibling has the spreadsheet, organized notebook, never forgets their books at school. Parenting those two siblings you will have a different understanding as to what works for them vs what works for their sibling.

Today I want to dive into the kapha dosha and kiddos but let’s start with kapha dosha framework no matter your age.

Kapha Traits

  • Aligned with earth & water
  • Season of the year- Mid-winter through spring
  • Time of day- 6-10am/pm
  • Larger frame body

Kapha Characteristics When Out Of Balance

  • Wet, damp feeling
  • Unmotivated
  • Sadness
  • In the body- colds and coughs located in the chest that are wet & damp feeling- dry coughs tend to be vata
  • Moves more slowly
  • Can take more motivation to get kaphas moving
  • Slow digestion
  • Tend to oversleep

Kapha Characteristics When In Balance

  • Loyal
  • Graceful
  • Stable
  • Mama earth they are huggy, loving kids & adults
  • Genuine and kind

How can you help a kapha child stay focused & motivated?

  • Gymnastics 
  • Going for a walk or park 
  • Movement helps balance the kapha dosha
  • Movement into their day to get them outside of the house
  • Have a routine of reading & cuddling to help nurture their need for showing affection to their loved ones
  • Limit the sweet & salty flavors as the kapha dosha tends to become out of balance with sugary foods.

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