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217: Briana Borten- How To Disagree Without Division


Briana Background 

Briana Borten is a serial entrepreneur in holistic wellness, committed to helping people find inner peace and clarity. She’s a business owner, best-selling author, energy healer and teacher, loving wife, mom of two daughters, and small scale homesteader. Briana is a thought leader in a new category of spirituality, one that focuses on how our connections to our souls, each other, and the earth is the solution to true personal and cultural healing, and sustainable living.
After a traumatic accident at 18 derailed her plans for art school, Briana opened the doors to The Dragontree just 5 years later in Portland, Oregon, which has since evolved into multiple spa locations, a beautifully crafted product line, and online resources for vibrant living. Briana is also the leader of Love Rising Collective, a virtual membership community that spans globally, helping people tap into their true selves, their essence, to live happier, healthier lives at their full potential and power.
With her husband, Peter Borten, Briana has co-written several best-selling books that help people bring more peace into their lives, including The Well Life, Rituals for Transformation, and The Rituals for Living Dreambook.
She has been featured in, Forbes, Business Insider, MindBodyGreen and ABC Portland for her expertise. The Dragontree has made several “best of” spa lists including Time Out USA and goop.
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Topics Discussed

  • Mindfulness with kiddos
  • Briana morning routine
  • Briana evolution through the years
  • How to disagree without division
  • Online vs in-person tough conversations
  • How her dreambooks are different than regular planners

Weekly Challenge:

Meditate. If you’re currently not doing it- try 3 days this week. If you meditate regularly how can you add more days, time or depth to your practice?

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