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212: 10 Minute Ayurvedic Medicine


Today we are chatting about quick & easy Ayurvedic medicine you can use at anytime of your day.


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I call this 10 minute medicine as it won’t take long to complete these tasks but they will help you feel better in mind, body & soul. They will also help you connect more with yourself. I really am striving to help bring more awareness back into our bodies rather than feeling like we don’t know, or have to have the right answer. If I ask how is your body doing today vs how are you doing? Is that the same thing?

There is no right answer. So I ask how is your body doing today? If you’re unsure pause this podcast and sit down unless you’re driving but tune into how you really feel. Maybe your mid-back aches, maybe your hips are a little tight, or digestion a little slow, or maybe you feel really really good today. Notice what comes forward.

Seasonal Saturday Tip

I like to use these 10 minute practices with myself and my clients as mini check-in points during our day. If you know you will forget, I know I do. Set a reminder on your phone for everyday at 11am, 2pm, 7pm. To take a few minutes for you. What is 10 minute medicine? It is a reboot during your day. A little pick me up to see how you’re actually doing.

Download a sample guide below



Examples of 10 Minute Medicine

  • Pranayama– breath work- nadi shodhana, 4 squared breath, just sitting and taking 5 breaths, sigh it out.
  • Brain Dump- Write down everything that is coming to mind whether it be creative, stuff you need to do or other to release some brain space.
  • Workout- Short intense workouts are perfect for a mid-day pick me up. Try a EMOM, AMRAP, or even sprints for 10 minutes.
  • Burn a candle- Candle gaze- just stare at a candle and relax your eyes, let them water and just zone out
  • Daily reading from a book- Rise sister rise by Rebecca Campbell is my favorite go to morning book to read a passage and journal with.
  • Nature walk- Go outside and get in nature to just move your body.
  • Breast massage- This has been something I just started doing after we learned about it in Ayurveda school it is heavenly. I know there can be shame, embarrassment, sadness, anger around breasts and getting to connect with them to see they are one with our bodies has been huge for me connecting with me on an even deeper level.
  • Listen to a podcast- Listen to a quickie podcast episode to get your juices flowing.
  • 5 Senses meditation- Check in with your 5 senses to reawaken the mind and body.

There are so many more things you can do but this is a great start. If you want to download a list I have one free on the show notes page.

Journal Prompt

What would feel like a good 10 minute medicine practice for you to do today?

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