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204: Is balance a myth? My answer may surprise you


Welcome to another episode of seasonal Saturday today we are diving into if balance is a myth?

How’s your life?

Really how are you doing today? Me? I’m doing great I’m coming off running my monthly new moon circle which I just love doing. It’s like a large exhale where we can let our guards down and just be messy, silly, serious, quiet, talkative we just get to be us in that day with no judgement from others. Now how are you really doing today?

Ayurvedic seasonal tip of the week

Like attracts like and opposites balance according to Ayurveda. An example if you are a fiery personality, eating spicy hot foods, and finishing with a glass of wine at night you will be one hot person. To find the balance in your life you would do cooling foods, cooling exercise, cooling and calm exercises. That is balance according to Ayurveda.

I do believe in balance and balance will look different depending on the season you are in, the life you’re living and the priorities you have right now. Balance is something we hear and crave and I believe it is possible. Sometimes we favor our fitness, sometimes we favor our careers, sometimes we favor creating special memories with kiddos. It just will not all be evenly split amongst everything on your plate. For example maybe fitness, healthy eating, and daily movement take up 20% of your time, you have a big work project so it is taking up 50% of your time, and the last 30% go towards your family. That might switch to 60% of your time with family, 20% of your work & 20% of your time with health. This will always ebb and flow. The key is knowing the season you are in and adjusting expectations to that season of life.

Parting Question

What season are you in right now? What does your pie chart currently look like?

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