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192: Ayurvedic Travel Tips


Welcome to the Peaceful Power Podcast and today I’m chatting all about Ayurvedic travel


When we travel the dosha that is most affected is the vata dosha. After all vata needs routines and grounding practices to stay balanced. Travel really throws a wrench into the regular routines and grounding practices that you might have set up for yourself at home. How can we stay grounded if we have trips planned this summer whether they be vacations or even weekend cabin or camping trips.

What to practice

  • Meditation or morning silence by yourself – Spending just a few minutes alone to start the day will help ground any anxious energy that might be swirling with your recent travels.
  • Move your body– maybe it’s just a slow flow yoga practice, a walk depending on your area, or you try a new fitness class at a local gym. Moving your body can help ground the vata dosha when it start to feel a little scattered.
  • Have a routine if possible– now this will depend on if your flying, driving how long of a trip this is, if you own the place you’re staying at or not. If it’s a weekend cabin trip sticking to a routine is a lot easier than traveling to a new hotel every night. Maybe your routine is having breakfast, lunch and dinner at the same time each day. Changing time zones? Do what you can to stick to adjust to the new time zone asap.
  • Avoid dry, light foods- In Ayurveda we use the gunas (qualities) to balance ourselves. When traveling the light and dry foods tend to make people more prone to constipation. If this is you, make sure you have grounding root vegetables, grains such as quinoa, lentils, basmati rice, cook your veggies vs eating a salad, and avoid crackers, & chips that can further dry you out.
  • Take triphala- Make yourself a cup of warm water and mix in 1 tsp of triphala to help keep things moving while you travel. You will want to take this an hour before bed. If making the warm drink doesn’t sound doable they also have tablets which can be found at Banyon Botanicals website.
  • Finish your evening with a breath practice- To ground down before bed try alternate nostril breathing, taking 5 deep breaths, or maybe a quick 1 minute body scan. Something to make your mind calm before going to sleep at night.

I know these things can be tough to follow while traveling and as always you do the best you can. You won’t nail everything perfectly and that’s okay. The main idea is to notice if you start to feel a little scattered, anxious, or constipated and check in with the above practices to see which one could help you the fastest.

Weekly Challenge

Start your travel days by moving your body. Don’t think a vacation means not moving. See it as a way to stretch, try a new class or just simply do a bodyweight workout in the great outdoors.


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