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178: Do you have shiny object syndrome?


Welcome to the Peaceful Power Podcast and this week we are breaking down why you shouldn’t get addicted to the shiny object syndrome.

Let’s break it down action vs. activity. Action in Ayurveda think- pitta dosha we are doers and getting things done, the to do list is our friend. Now activity comes into play when after we finish our to do list we don’t know what to do so we start another activity. Then another activity and another. We not only do all of our list but then, mindlessly eat, scroll on our phones, have the tv on, the laptop open, and browse Instagram all at the same time. That is activity. We are always looking for that next thing never content with where we are at now.

We are looking to be distracted constantly. Look no further then what I heard on the radio last week when two DJ’s were discussing how they “watch” Netflix and are scrolling their phones the entire time. Hand raised I do that to when I’m not conscious of what I’m doing. I think we all have this default of let’s do 5 things at once but nothing really that important where we have to be fully present for. That is why in yoga class it’s so hard for us to go to a yin class or a meditation class. Typically we don’t bring our phones into the room with us. We have to truly sit with our thoughts and be with ourselves. It can be uncomfortable.

All of that I can see bleeding into the health and wellness field. Why do we go through phases of what diet is popular? And we all have that one friend who hops on every diet trend and this is the big thing it works for a few weeks and she forgets about it and is onto the next thing. Maybe it’s even you. It can be an easy message to get swept into after all their are millions of marketing dollars going into these campaigns. We learn we can’t trust ourselves as if a thousands of people are doing this diet or workout trend it must be valid. But is it valid for you? We never stop to look at that we think if it works for so many people it must be the thing I’ve been waiting for. In reality there is nothing that can make you change it starts when you decide it does. Nothing will change unless you start to make those changes yourself. Do you think you can lose 20 pounds if that is your goal and you are finally ready it doesn’t matter the program this will be the thing that works for you just because you decided. Also if you didn’t know so many people are buying followers on Instagram nowadays you can’t trust the trend or even that “expert” anymore. A quick way to see if they paid for followers if you check out their profile you can easily spot bot accounts and if they get thousands of likes on a picture very quickly you can see how many are bots. I say that because you need to know this as a consumer. It’s another bait and switch people are trying to make themselves look more valid because of a higher follower count. This is what drives me crazy about the platform as some of my most trusted and valid teachers do not have a ton of followers as their ego doesn’t get as rapped up into the buzz as others.

So when you think about the next shiny thing to follow maybe you should look no further than yourself? You might be the best thing to listen to. At the grocery store what foods feel like they will nourish you? For your workout program do you enjoy lifting weights, dance, running, yoga? You decide what is the best program for you not someone else. I also say this as I’ve purchased expensive programs for promises they didn’t not even come close to delivering and again my inner gut said no and every time I don’t listen to that I always pay the price.

Weekly Challenge

Examine the areas of your life where you might be following the shiny object vs. listening to yourself.


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