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165: The Connection Between the Lunar Cycle & You


Welcome to the Peaceful Power Podcast today we are talking about a topic you all have been wanting the power of the moon & you!

Learn how the moon and your menstrual cycle are connected. Understand what time of the month your most creative, what workouts are best for various weeks of the month, learn why you might not want to make major decisions on certain days of the month.



  • Moon = Feminine
  • Sun = Masculine
  • Moon cycle lasts through 29.5 days close to our 28 days of menstrual cycle
  • Old wisdom- women used to bleed together on the new moon & head to the red tents together to learn, tell stories, be creative, slow down. New moon bleeders were thought to be more reflective, good at going inside of themselves for finding answers.
  • Old wisdom- If you bled on the full moon you were the healers, seekers, artists, more connected to nature, great communicators.
  • If you don’t bleed follow the below charts exactly as written

The moon is associated with the feminine aspects and it goes through the entire astrological cycle each month.  Your menstrual cycle might follow the moon exactly or you might bleed on the full moon which in ancient times you would be considered a wise woman or medicine woman if you bleed during that time. The new moon is when the majority of women bled and they would gather in the red tents together.


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New Moon/Winter

  • Set Intentions
  • Come into darkness to tune out the noise
  • Allow the moon to grow the intention

Bleeding Time 

  • Hormonal levels decline quickly to their lowest concentrations creating the great communication between the right & left brains.
  • Look at what’s working & what’s not
  • Create the new ideas during this time
  • Great time to go inwards to journal & reflect
  • Read reports, evaluate projects & results
  • The first few days rest- maybe you walk, yin yoga, Kundalini yoga at the end of the week

Waxing Moon- Spring

  • More energy
  • Execute on ideas

Follicular Phase

  • Hormones start low and slowly increase concentration
  • Brainstorming & creativity is high start planning a new project
  • Say yes to invites & networking events
  • Workouts- Great time to try something new- dance, cardio, Qoya, Zumba

Full Moon- Summer

  • Check-In
  • See what needs to be let go of
  • Great time to release & burn what is no longer serving you

Ovulation Time 

  • Rise in FSH followed by the rise in LH stimulates the follicle to release an egg
  • Best time for connection
  • Tell people about ideas
  • Workouts to enjoy – Soul Cycle, Bootcamp, Intense yoga, HIIT

Waning Moon- Fall

  • Intense letting go & coming into darkness
  • Might be more moody

Luteal Phase- 10 days

  • Estrogen, progesterone & testosterone reach their peak concentration & begin to fall to their lowest levels right before bleeding begins.
  • The first half you have more energy the 2nd half time to slow down & have more self-care
  • Good at getting things done & get projects done
  • Organization
  • Completing the projects
  • Strength training & intense yoga the first half followed by yin yoga, & walking the 2nd half


Start tracking your menstrual cycle along with the lunar cycle and notice what is going on in your body.

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