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157: New Moon Circle Magic


Welcome to the Peaceful Power Podcast today I chat all about what a new moon circle is what we do & why I love doing them so much!


To learn more about new moon circles or to find one in your area head to http://thewildwomanproject.com/

Sample Outline of a New Moon Circle

Start of circle 
  • Lighting the candle–  Let this flame represent the wild spirit which burns within each of us. As we awaken our own wild spirit, we awaken the collective spirit.”
  • Centering– Eyes closed,Head into Heart, out of judgement & into compassion.
  • Verbalizing the commitment of Sacred Space-You are welcome to speak about your experiences in circle, but we never repeat words or experiences of a sister in circle, ever.
  • Our theme today is Whole Body, Whole Earth it’s the final one of the In her flesh series
  • Open with – Spinal rolls and seated yoga stretches & pelvis connection
  • Let’s start by writing down 
    “In my bones, I know…” Write stream of consciousness for 2 full pages without stopping. When/If you get stuck, rewrite “In my bones, I know…” and continue on.
  • One reason the card chosen has significance in your life right now & answer to a specific question(s) about what came up in the Visualization/Meditation.
  • In my bones meditation & Body Yantra to pelvis 
  • Journal about your experience
  • Share about your experience
  • Ritual creation– Painting a rock
  • Sharing about ritual
  • Set your intentions for the next month & what you want to release 
  • Closing of wild heart circles
  • Closing– walking around outside barefoot in grass to feel connected to the ground and earth will gather together hands on mid-back and blow out candle


Weekly Challenge:

Gather in circle with women this week, or find a friend to hang out with and spend the day with.

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