Wild Woman Project Circle

In-Person Circle

Join us for this 90 minute intention setting circle using the Wild Woman Project as our guide. 

What do we do?

We gather each new moon. We start by grounding our energy & centering ourselves.  We introduce ourselves, pull an oracle card (deck provided) and journaling for a few minutes. We will have room for sharing what came up for us, but you never have to share. 

Andrea will lead you through a guided visualization and you will have time to free write after and we will finish with a ritual. Which is usually a craft, art project or deeper work focusing on the theme of the month. If you are in need of connecting with other women this is the circle to attend. 

Next Circle
Sun. May 29th
10am CST

Sign-up here $20


Hidden Falls Regional Park
1313 Hidden Falls Dr, St Paul, MN 55116

  • This will be hosted outdoors if the weather doesn't cooperate I will host the circle at my home in St. Paul.  

  • You will get the exact location of our circle at the park that morning. 

Common Questions

Do most people come alone?

Yes. Most women come alone and have never done anything like this before. So nervous feelings are normal. 

Do I need to bring anything?

Just a journal, a pen, water bottle. I will email you if you need to bring other common household items for the ritual that month. 

How do we connect with each other?

We are back to in-person circles!! We gather in my living room and I will have cushions for us all to sit on around the altar space to connect. 

Do I have to share at circle?

Absolutely not. It's up to you if you just need to listen and go inwards or if you want to share what's coming up for you. 

What should I wear? 

Wear whatever you're comfortable in. Some like to dress up, others like to be comfy. A reminder we will be sitting on the floor though..

This is for you if...

  • You want to set intentions for the next lunar cycle 

  • You feel called to learn how to embrace cyclical living this year

  • You want to find a non-judgemental online community space

  • You want to understand how to listen to your body.

  • You are a woman, women identifying or non-binary 

What to Bring:

  • Your truest self
  • Journal & pens 
  • Water bottle
  • I will email with anything else specific for the circle ritual. 

Yearly Theme:
Path of the Poet

Setting intentions for the next 30 days.

Witnessing each other. This is a no advice given circle you get to express what you need no debate around what you need to express. 

Connection with a community of diverse women.

An evening to nourish yourself & show up fully expressed as you.


Each Circle Focuses on:

May 29th-10am 

Sign-Up Here- $20

Can't make this circle but want to be informed about future circles? 

Stay informed below! 

    Andrea Claassen is an Ayurvedic Wellness Counselor, Yoga Teacher, and Wild Woman Project Circle leader. Her mission is to help women slow down, tune in, and transform their lives from the inside out. 

    She does this by teaching her Peaceful Power Practices centered around fitness, yoga & Ayurvedic techniques.

    You can hear more from Andrea on her Peaceful Power Podcast where she aims to deliver actionable takeaways to live a more holistic lifestyle. 

    Meet the Circle Leader

    Andrea Claassen