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151: Being flexible vs being rigid in fitness & life


Welcome to the Peaceful Power Podcast today I chat about how being flexible in fitness goes right along with being flexible in life.



Do you find yourself getting stuck and in your own way at the gym and in life? Is it possible to switch from being type A to relaxing more? I tackle all of these questions and teach you why it’s so important to learn how to let go and flow in life & in fitness.

Who I work with:

Most of the women I work with are type A. They love to get things done, they have a ton on their plates, they push and push usually until they burn out. In Ayurveda we are strong pitta women. The usual day is work hard & no days off mentality. They always have to be “on”  or people won’t respect you. In their workouts it has to be 45 minutes or it doesn’t “count”. They eat great most of the time but probably have a little too much wine on occasion. They push themselves to the max in all areas of their lives to get max results. Side affects of living this way poor digestion, never showing to much emotion, really are not that in touch with their body, and always feel like they are masking something.

I know this because I used to be her. I feel that is why so many of my clients are from the East coast or have lived there. We don’t have time for small talk, or BS. I love working with these women one because they do what you ask of them, two, because they are striving to learn and to constantly better themselves.

My question to a trainer at the gym I train clients out of led me to this discussion. Can people change from being a type A personality? I said yes because I have. That doesn’t mean I don’t get stuff done, I’m not as driven, or I don’t work hard. Quite the opposite I do all of that but now understand how to be more flexible with myself and in my life.

As women learning to receive and go with the flow in life also translates to workouts. The more you can roll it off your back that a deal didn’t go your way, the healthier you will be. What happens when we start grasping onto everything in our lives we get stressed, tired, tight muscles, bone numbing fatigue and feel like we are doing everything right on the fitness & nutrition front but can’t figure out why we feel like ish. Again I’ve been there…

For me this is how Ayurveda came into my life. It came at the time for me to start tuning out the noise and tuning into me. Starting to meditate, doing body yantra, more yoga, or sometimes more lifting, noticing if it is a craving for that cookie or do I really just need a freaking cookie. Am I drinking this wine because I’m numbing out from my week (again been there) or am I doing it because I want to relax and am conscious of how many glasses I will drink what I plan to do, did I meditate and workout that day? If so most likely I’m just doing it as a reward not to numb out. Again subtle differences but things I ignored for years.

When we start to slowing let up the reins on our lives we start to loosen our grips on what we have to do in all areas of our lives. Do I really need to workout 7 days a week 4 days of intense lifting, 1 day of running and 2 days of yoga? Probably not on a regular basis. This has been the biggest change in my  life and so many of my clients. Seeing the shifts that they make is truly something I’m so proud of as I know how much faith they have to have in what I’m saying but themselves as well. I feel like I can’t just leave you hanging without saying how to work with me in case your really feeling called to learn more about my unique training. I do both in-person & online training & Ayurvedic coaching. You can head to andreaclaassen.com/discoverycall to book a 15 minute call with me or send me a DM on instagram at andreaclaassen21.

Weekly Challenge:

Notice where you can slow down and receive this week vs. pushing through.

Where to connect with Andrea


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