Slow down, tune in and discover what works best for you! 

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Bringing Peace of Mind to Your Health 

Up-level yourself to up-level your life by utilizing both Eastern & Western techniques to help build the right program for you! 


Learn how to change your habits through ancient practices. Learn how the doshas play a factor in your life, why you feel called to be in mother nature and how you change with the seasons. 


Understanding the why's behind your choices unlock so much potential in what your life can be and I'm here to help you do just that!

Medicine Woman Tools

This is where I reach into my medicine bag of tricks & help you unlock your own inner wisdom.

Meet Andrea Claassen 

I am an Ayurvedic coach, yoga teacher, Wild Woman Project Circle leader and personal trainer. My mission is to help women connect with their divine body wisdom by learning how to trust themselves again. I do this by teaching my Peaceful Power Practices that release women from needing to find their next diet or workout plan and finally become their own wellness advocate. Everything I teach or lead I try to infuse it with the knowledge of slowing down, tuning in, and learning to trust your inner wise woman.

I’m also a mom, wife, podcaster, and small business owner whose happiest days are spent outside in nature with the ones I love.

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