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135: Jennifer and Craig Dumnich: Stop asking me how, ask me why?



I was introduced to Jenny & Craig by a past guest and they did not disappoint. They brought energy, passion & practical tips to share with you on getting your mindset right. They discuss the 2 biggest mindset frameworks they work with people on- scarcity & worthiness mindsets. They also go into detail about finding your why and how that could be the missing link to helping you reach your goals whether those goals be fitness, or business related. Finally we finish with tackling the overwhelm & lack of energy that is so common in today’s society and how to bust through that dilemma in your own life.

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Background on Craig & Jenny D

Craig and Jenny D provide practical and purposeful strategies designed for you to discover just how great to you are designed to feel. We guide you through our secrets to maximum energy, focus and results in your business and personal life by creating sustainable wellness systems. Let us energize your life and your business through our personalized coaching, wellness consulting, corporate development training, and motivational keynotes.
Take a stand for the life you deserve! Learn what we have: the secrets to building a foundation of health, happiness, and success.


Things are always working out for me.

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Topics Discussed

  • 2 different mindsets- scarcity & worthiness
  • How it is like working with your spouse?
  • What is your why?
  • Finding energy when you feel so exhausted at the end of the day
  • How to not feel so overwhelmed at life’s demands

Weekly Challenge:

Get up 5 minutes earlier & sit quietly and ask yourself what should your priorities be for the day so that you live your best wellness life for that day.

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