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134: Ayurvedic approach to the spring season


Welcome to the Peaceful Power Podcast and today I’m chatting about the change of season & how we can tackle Spring through an Ayurvedic lens.

I’m so excited to dive into the Spring season it’s been a long winter full of colds & flu and lots of snow for the Eastern part of the US. So needless to say the Springtime is more then welcome to appear. Now with a change of season comes a change in routines. Kids are in different sports, they are also feeling the end of the school year coming, adults want to get outside & enjoy the sunshine, and people just have more of a pep in their step! So how can we make the spring transition into a smooth one without getting the dreaded spring colds. I have a few tips on how to best make that transition so you feel excited for the changing of the guards so to speak.

Spring Habits

  • Spring Detox I just started playing with a spring cleanse/detox. In Ayurveda a spring cleanse/detox is highly recommended to help remove the stuck energy, food, and just to transition the body into a lighter time of year. I have also found a cleanse/detox has helped me not get sick during the seasonal shifts. Not only is the cleanse about what your nourishing your body with but it is also what your nourishing your mind with. If you want to join my free Nourishing Spring Detox head over here to sign-up we are officially starting April 16th!
  • Spend time outdoors & wear layers- As soon as Minnesota has it’s first 50 degree day people are out in shorts & tank tops. That is not a good idea. Our bodies haven’t had time to adjust to the weather change. That actually leads to getting sick (our grandmothers were right, button up your coat & wear a hat) we need those items to help our bodies adjust to the sudden change in temperature.
  • Plan a new project- Spring is the ideal time to start something new. If you’ve wanted to build a she shed in your backyard now is the time, if you’ve wanted to plan a trip perfect time to start, or if you want to start a new habit such as a morning or evening routine the new spring energy helps push you to reach your goals. Along with the new projects it’s also why spring cleaning is so popular we feel like shedding layers we are taking off the sweaters so to speak.
  • Exercise- Hardcore workouts are great in the spring. The weather hasn’t gotten to hot so a run outside, a hot yoga class, or HIIT class is great. You might also feel the need to shed the excess winter weight you might have accumulated. Spring is the perfect time for doing so as your motivation typically has increased along with the days getting a bit longer.
  • Tune into what you want- Spring is the time we feel the most connected to ourselves. We have new energy and excitement. We might need to start a meditation, or journaling practice to get back in touch with what our bodies want but they are speaking to us.
  • Eat seasonally & locally- As with any season remember to know where your food is coming from. You will have new fruits & veggies in season at this time of year so it’s a great time to look at what new produce is coming and noticing what produce is not quite as in season- good bye sweet potatoes, and brussel sprouts : (

Like most things in Ayurveda we might have heard these things before or our grandparents have told us them. They are true as back when they were younger there was no internet and local libraries were not quite as well read as they are now a days. They learned this from their mothers, who learned it from their mothers. So this information has stood the test of time and one of the reasons we are losing touch is we are not slowing down to pay attention to what might actually feel good anymore. Instant gratification and self indulgence are winning out vs. the slow and steady pace of listening to our bodies and the season we are in.

My Weekly Challenge

Pick a Spring item I discussed today to implement into your upcoming week.

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