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131: Emily Gough on learning to trust yourself


Welcome to the Peaceful Power Podcast and today we are chatting with Emily Gough on learning how to trust yourself again.


Emily and I participated in Jill Coleman’s Best of You group last year. I interviewed her podcast co-host Kate Hoerner on the podcast last month and I brought Emily on to talk more nutrition. Emily has a no diet approach and really encourages the women she works with to learn how to trust themselves and ditch the marketing mindset we have grown so used to over the years.

Background on Emily

A Registered Holistic Nutritionist, I’m all about helping you figure out how to eat in a way that works for real life. I’m obsessed with dark chocolate, photography, and snuggling with any dog I can find.
Years ago I was overtraining and exhausted from chasing down every new diet that popped up. After doing some research and using myself to experiment on, I started figuring out that there is a right way to eat for each of us, and it’s going to look different for every single person.
My goal is to help women make the small, simple changes that lead to big results in everyday life. I have a direct approach and will tell you what you need to make positive changes so you can create the life you love.

Connect with Emily

Topics Discussed

  • How to tune into your own health & ignore the magazine covers telling us what diet to be on
  • How to simplify the dieting process
  • Pantry staples to have on hand to make a meal in a pinch
  • Hormonal health
  • Birth control and the side effects it has on our health
  • Hidden hormone factors that could be affecting our health

Emily’s Weekly Challenge

Listen to your body by journaling, taking a quick moment to do a mental scan of your body to see how you truly feel.

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