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126: How To Start & End Your Day


Welcome to the Peaceful Power Podcast and today I’m discussing how to start and end your day to set yourself up for success on a daily basis.


Morning & Evening routines might have been something you’ve been hearing about for quite some time you just don’t exactly know what they are. I get it I also was in that camp for awhile. One thing that I found has shifted my perspective is actually doing a routine that I enjoyed doing! Yes such a novel idea but it truly is what works. So let’s start off with the morning routine example.

My Morning Routine

My personal morning routine looks like the below at least 6 days a week.

  • Get up anywhere from 4:30am-6am
  • Come downstairs & use my tongue scrapper, brush my teeth, put on my makeup
  • Start making my coffee
  • I come into my office & grab my morning tools that I live in the same spot each night & have them all stacked together so I don’t have to go searching for them.
  • I sage my office and sometime hum or chant as I do it
  • I read my passage from Rituals for transformation 108 day journey to a sacred life
  • I meditate 5-15 minutes
  • I write in my Rituals for transformation journal
  • I write in my 5 year mom journal
  • I then read a passage from my meditation daily prompt book, & my Jesus is calling small daily reading
  • I finish with pulling a card from one of my decks- Angels deck by Doreen Virtue, Kris Carr- Crazy Sexy Love notes, Gabby Bernstein- Universe has your back, or a card from Danielle LaPorte’s deck.
  • I then get dressed grab my coffee & breakfast & I’m off to train my clients

Now that is a specific example that usually takes me 45 minutes to do all of that. Ideally I would give myself an hour to have time to read from my book, meditate longer, or do a 10 minute yoga flow at home but I don’t want to get up any earlier so this will do for now.

I used to just get up meditate & do my yoga but found that stopped motivating me. I didn’t want to do it so I kept pushing back my alarm time. So what do you like to do each morning? If you have kids and are getting a good nights sleep what can you do for you each morning? Do you love to read, knit, maybe watch a tv show you want to watch, cook an exquisite breakfast, sip on a cup of coffee & read the paper. What lights up your soul that your not getting during your day but would love to get up a little earlier to make it happen? That is the first step in setting up a morning routine. Make sure you spend time on this really think about what you want to do and how you can better your life by spending an hour to yourself each day.

My Evening Routine

My evening routine right now in full disclosure is in need of a revamp. It’s a hot mess. Some days I’m great and I don’t watch tv drink a glass or two of wine and sit in my office work, or go through a course I’ve signed up for to spend time with myself learning more about what I want from this life. So it really varies based on my energy at the end of the day. So I will map out an ideal evening routine for myself below.

  • After dinner around 6-7pm I love to watch a tv show & bad mom I give my son an ipad to watch his.
  • I put my son to sleep between 7:15-7:30pm & I’m done with my phone by 7:30pm
  • I wrap up any projects I need done for work by 8pm
  • I work on myself from 8-8:45pm go through my Rise Sister Rise course, journal, meditate on deep questions
  • I get ready for bed around 8:45-9pm
  • I read in bed until 9:30pm and go to bed by 10pm

To me I need a little tv that helps me unwind and it’s my only guilty pleasure almost during my day which I feel I need or I get too much in my pitta energy. Ideally your off your devices 2 hours before bed which if I did my above plan I would be.

What would your ideal evening look like? For me my husband is not home until late so I have to do the bedtime routine solo and don’t have me time until 7:30pm most nights now. So I crave a little time to just relax. I usually haven’t had any relaxing time since 5:30am in the morning so that is why a little tv helps sooth my go, go, go energy. When I get really off balance I break out my wine mid-week and just watch tv the entire time after I put Jalen to sleep so I really just feel lost. I don’t mind having wine on a Friday & Saturday night but during the week it really throws off my vibrations and I just don’t like how I personally feel. So take a look at what your doing in your life and what might need to be altered because your feeling a little off or your not making time for chill time or you time during your day.

Final Note

Make sure you take time to spend with yourself each day. If your not taking just even 10 minutes you will get burnt out really fast. No matter what stage of life your in. We all need a little fun time and we don’t have to be productive at all hours of the day. Remember we are humans not robots.

My Weekly Challenge

Create 1 morning routine practice & 1 evening routine practice you want to implement into your life this week

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