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117: Molly Doyle On The Go Fitness


Welcome to the Peaceful Power Podcast with Molly Doyle. We talk about how to work in fitness to your day no matter the circumstances.


I was introduced to Molly by her sister and past guest Malisa Lieser. I’m so glad she introduced us we have so much in common with our business and fitness philosophy. Molly has two young boys herself and we will soon be neighbors we discovered. She is all about getting in movement whenever you can. She keeps it real about her body consciousness during pregnancy and postpartum.

Background on Molly

Molly Doyle is a 31 year old wife and mama to two boys, Sullivan (2) and Collins (3 months) living in St. Paul. Molly is a personal (and virtual!) trainer, group exercise instructor, and lover of HIIT workouts. She also admits to loving dirty martinis, swear words, lattes and alone time. She will show how you that you don’t necessarily need a gym or any equipment, to get in shape. She is the self-proclaimed queen of excuse-proof cardio-sculpt workouts. You can often find her leading clients and classes on a track, tackling a hill, working out at the park, FaceTiming virtual clients, or in the gym in St. Paul.

Connect with Molly

Topics Discussed

  • Finding “balance”
  • Postpartum body shame
  • Pregnancy weight gain & the shame around it put on by society
  • The pressure for women to look a certain way
  • How she decides what to share on social
  • Unpacking an I am statement
  • Excuse proof cardio sculpt program

Molly’s Weekly Challenge

Take time for yourself at least 2x this week 

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