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114: Q & A with Sara & Andrea


Welcome to the Peaceful Power Podcast today I’m doing something brand spanking new with Sara Camiscioni. We are taking your Q & A’s and answering them in a discussion style format.


I really love to experiment and figure out what you guys like to listen to and how I can best serve you. So I wanted to try something new today and invite my guest Sara on to chat about common fitness & nutrition questions that we get asked. I think we will do this again in 2018 as we had a ton of fun answering the questions so let me know what you thought and if you would like another Q & A podcast with Sara or maybe another one of my past guests.

Background on Sara

A yogi, anti-dieting, self-proclaimed meathead, Sara works with men and women around the world and provides them with the tools, strategies and support they need to live their strongest, healthiest, happiest life. By helping people Find Their Strong, Sara empowers her clients to level-up all arenas of life. A believer in no-nonsense, Sara tear’s down the facade that health & fitness is time consuming & complicated by providing strategies on balanced fitness & nutrition. Sara is the Founder of Find Your Strong with Sara, where she brings over 8 years of experience in training and nutrition.

Connect with Sara

Topics Discussed

  • Biggest struggles with fitness
    • Pressure from society so much more acceptable to be unhealthy than healthy
    • Getting made fun of for being healthy
    • Time
    • Staying disciplined & putting in the work daily
    • Consistency
    • The decision of making the right choice
    • VERY expensive to eat fresh, organic healthy foods
    • Not drinking alcohol
    • Convenience of unhealthy foods
    • Making healthy food fast enough
    • Not binging at night

Our Weekly Challenge

Give golden milk a try this week. Google recipes or check out my friend Stacie’s recipe here. 

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