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103: Britany Schulz on Learning to Ditch Sugar


Welcome to the Peaceful Power Podcast with Britany Schulz about everything from ditching sugar to fitness.


Britany is also local to the Minneapolis area. I have seen her work on Pinterest and Instagram so reached out to her to get to know her a little more. Britany is someone who teaches group fitness classes and leads retreats, and other weekend events locally. I loved our conversation and getting to know her a little more and loved her knowledge on the 21 day sugar detox. If that is something you’re interested in she is a great resource to reach out to.

Background on Britany

Britany is a certified health coach, personal trainer, YogaBurn instructor and the face behind the paleo food and fitness blog Define Fettle.
Britany recognizes the value of daily movement and a good sweat, but throughout the years has come to realize that properly nourishing your body holds far deeper implications. She began transitioning to a real food lifestyle over 4 years ago and although it has not always been easy, she has never once looked back. By removing processed food and sugars from her daily diet, Britany has experienced digestive relief after 20+ years of struggles, and is thrilled about the amount of energy she has daily and the amount of control she has over the foods that fuel her body.
When she’s not coaching clients, in the studio, or creating content for Define Fettle, she loves being active doing everything and anything outdoors, experiencing all that the Minneapolis food scene has to offer and spending time with her boyfriend, Austin and golden {and mini golden} doodles, Carly and Joie.

Connect with Britany

Topics Discussed

  • 21 Day Detox
  • How to remove sugar from your diet
  • How she creates new recipes for her blog
  • Her #1 fitness tip for busy women
  • Cooking tips

Britany’s Weekly Challenge

Try being more conscious of the sugar your consuming this week.

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