Tree of Disease and Ayurveda

July 10, 2020


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I'm here to help you integrate the timeless principles of Ayurveda, lunar wisdom, and menstrual cycle alignment effortlessly into your daily routine.

I'm Andrea - your Seasonal living guide

Ayurveda and Disease why could it happen?

In Ayurveda disease can happen when you are living out of sync with the seasons, your dosha and the elements around you. We call it the tree of disease. One of the main goals of Ayurveda is to help you live more in sync with you and your bodies natural rhythm.

What are the 7 areas?

  • Live out of sync with nature
  • Live against your constitution
  • Non-nutrient diet
  • Improper Exercise
  • Negative or repressed emotions
  • Erratic Schedule
  • Troubled Relationships

Let’s break these down

Living out of sync with nature

Yes, this is why I’m so passionate about living with the seasons. It is linked to disease otherwise. We tend to push so hard all year long which leads to burnout, anxiety, depression, inflammation, and eventually disease if not looked after properly. The four seasons are our guides.

  • Fall– We notice ourselves starting to slow down, prepping for winter, wrapping up tasks, planning for the next few months.
  • Winter- Slowing down, we take days off, rest is essential, cozy home, warm foods.
  • Spring- The energy is starting to come back, you start feeling excited and ready to go outside, you start new habits.
  • Summer- You feel more social, you might accept more invites to be with friends, weekends away, a social butterfly feeling.

Those are just a brief feelings of the seasons and noticing what is going on outside that is occurring in our bodies as well. Notice right now what season is occurring and how you are feeling. Are you aligned with the season? If not how can you start to live a more cyclical lifestyle to get yourself more in tune with nature and you?

Living out of sync with your constitution

Your constitution is your dosha. If you’re not sure about your dosha take the free quiz here.

Once you know your dosha start learning how to live in alignment with that dosha. Click here to learn more about Ayurveda and each dosha.

Non-Nutrient Diet

The standard American diet is one that is pretty depleted from nutrients. Meaning we are eating but it’s not really fueling our body. Making sure you are eating the rainbow. Eat more vegetables, fruits, are your grains feeling or a filler? Quinoa, lentils, millet, rice. Focus less on the calories you are eating instead how nutrient dense is it? We want to fill our plates with fiber and filling food.

Improper Exercise

Yep, HIIT workouts all month long for a woman who is still menstruating actually is not good for her body. I’ve been a certified personal trainer since 2007 and I’ve seen and done quite a bit through the years. Once I realized 60 minute workouts 6 days a week was actually hurting my results I had to ask why? I saw my body becoming more inflamed and not toned. I was over-exercising and causing more harm than good. If you’re postmenopausal working out with the lunar cycle is a great option for you. Reducing the jumping, running as we age. If you start to notice achy knees, hips and joints that might be the time to add in more stretching. Really tune into your body.

Doing nothing? That is not helpful either. Make sure you are moving your body. Start with a walk. So many times we have such negative associations with working out or exercise it doesn’t have to look the way you see on those infomercials. Make it fun. What would be the most enjoyable way to move your body?

Negative or Repressed Emotions

This is why it’s so important to feel our feelings. We need to take the time to digest how we truly feel. Are you feeling in a slump, are you feeling stubborn, lost or in need of a good cheer up? Really take the time to pause and reflect why do I feel called to that 2nd glass of wine tonight, why do I feel the need to workout 6 days a week for an hour what am I truly afraid will happen if I stop? Why is that my fear? Where did those feelings start or come from? Keep going deeper with yourself until you find your true answer.

Erratic Schedule

If we don’t have a schedule often we start to get all in our heads, a little messy, anxious, depressed, tired, overwhelmed. Make sure you take time to create a schedule that works in your life. Personally I plan my schedule around my cycle. Not only do I workout with my cycle but I plan my work around my cycle, I plan my family events if possible around my cycle and it keeps me in flow and feeling great. Look at how you can start to incorporate your own schedule style into your life.

Troubled Relationships

Boundaries we all have heard of them but don’t all set them. If we have relationships that are limping along make sure you cut out the relationships that are no longer serving you. The friend you’ve known since 2nd grade that you no longer have anything in common with why still hang out with them if you feel depleted. Cutting out the troubling relationships will help you feel how much the energy and time suck some of those relationships can be. Have the tough conversation to help release the anxiety from  your body.

What’s next for you?

What area above hit home for you? What area did you cringe when you read? That is where you want to start. Let’s do the hard things. Tackle the items you know will better your health. After you have one area mastered take on the next one. Slowly you can change your life and live a more aligned one.

Living in sync with you

Wanting to know more about Ayurveda?

Read more about my 6 week Listen to your body program to help you live a lifestyle authentic to your goals and to what your body really needs.

Learn More Here

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I'm here to help you integrate the timeless principles of Ayurveda, lunar wisdom, and menstrual cycle alignment effortlessly into your daily routine.

I'm Andrea - your Seasonal living guide

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I specialize in cyclical wisdom through an Ayurvedic lens by incorporating lunar & menstrual cycle alignment practices to help you live a more ritual, grounded and slowed down life.

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I'm an Ayurvedic Wellness counselor, Ayurvedic postpartum doula & 500 HR Yoga Teacher and Personal trainer since 2007.

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