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Write Before Christmas


Movie: Write Before Christmas

Background on the movie

The movie started with the leading actress Jessica getting broken up with at a restaurant by her not very fun boyfriend. She wrote a letter to her brother and others in her life who have meant something to her throughout her life. Each and every recipient after receiving the card has received a little Christmas magic after opening their letter.

It had a This Is Us feeling to it with a little background on the 5 card recipients and they all tied together to the main character.

The main leading character Jessica has vowed off dating and celebrating holidays but the Luke has struck her fancy and she seems to be interested as he is in her but she found him taking photos of another girl at the hockey rink and she fell right into his arms as Jessica came to skate with them. She thought there was something going on there so she left in a hurry not to get an explanation from Luke to see what actually occurred. Then Luke stops by Jessica music store to find her hugging her ex-boyfriend and gets the wrong idea, especially when the ex says if you’re going in there to change her mind, you won’t.

All 5 of the stories wrapped up perfectly with a Hallmark bow.

What worked?

The It’s A Wonderful Life scene where she quotes it at the start of the movie and a new love interest, Chad Michael Murray says the lasso the moon line that she quoted at the start of the movie without knowing she was a big fan of that movie. I found it to be a super cute full circle moment.

What didn’t work?

The only thing that didn’t fully work for me was no single guy meticulously decorates his apartment the way Chad Michael Murray did. Unless his mom just went to Kenya and decorated before she left I just don’t see that happening.

3 Takeaways

  1. I thought the 5 story lines with the various characters worked well. It kept the pace of the movie going and it all tied together in the end.
  2. I like the premise of the card helping others get in touch with their big goals in life after receiving a card from someone they love or a stranger.
  3. Any time they change up the Hallmark formula a little it brings new excitement into the movie.

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