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Workouts from December 9th-15th, 2018


This week I’ve decided to quit my Alchemy gym membership and either join an Anytime Fitness or continue to go to my regular place I rent gym space from to do my own workouts. I’ve decided to revamp my Hustle, Muscle & Flow workouts and do a 2.0 version for 2019. I will be sharing sneak peaks of the workouts throughout the process.

Sunday- December 9th, 2018

Yoga Class 

There were only two of us at class so I was feeling the need to fight off a cold so requested a slow flow and restorative yoga class. Thankfully the other class participant was game and we got to relax.

Monday- December 10th, 2018

My Hustle, Muscle & Flow workout

10 Minute Cardio-  Shoulders (Weeks 1-3- Blast)

Time          Speed                Incline

1 Minutes    5-6 mph                 10

2 Minutes   3 mph                     10

1 Minute      4.5-5.5 mph          8

2 Minutes    3.2 mph                 8

1 Minute      5.5-7 mph              6

2 Minute     3.4 mph                  6

1 Minute     6-8 mph                 4

Strength – 20 Minutes AMRAP

All Moves 10 Reps


Squats to shoulder press

Lunge hold with rear delt raise

Opposite row to shoulder press

Curtsey Lunge to lateral raise

Arnold Press

Tuesday- December 11th, 2018

I taught 2 yoga classes.

Here are a few yoga options if you want to do a yoga practice today.


Wednesday- December 12th, 2018

I’ve been on a Hustle, Muscle & Flow kick! Below is a sneak preview of the HMF 2.0 version coming this spring. It is a great total body workout and if you don’t have a treadmill just eliminate that section or do at-home cardio moves of your choice such as burpees, high knees, running stairs, mountain climbers etc.

10 Minute Cardio

Time                Speed                      Incline

1 Minute          5.5-6.5 mph                       1

20 seconds     6-7 mph                              8

40 seconds     N/A                                     8

30 Seconds     5.5-7 mph                          6

30 Seconds     N/A                                    6

40 Seconds     5-7.5 mph                          4

20 seconds      N/A                                    4

60 Seconds     5-8 mph                              2

60 Seconds      3.5 mph                              2

20 seconds      6-8 mph                             8

40 seconds       N/A                                    8

30 Seconds      5.5-7 mph                          6

30 Seconds      N/A                                     6

40 Seconds      5-7.5 mph                           4

20 seconds      N/A                                       4

60 Seconds     8.5 mph                                 2

60 Seconds      3.5 mph                              2


All Moves 10 Reps

Side lunge with rows 

Bulgarian Split squats to shoulder press

Pulsing lunge with lateral raises 

Side Plank with Hip Dips

Up/down planks to goddess squats 

Thursday- December 13th, 2018

I didn’t workout at all Thursday.

Friday- December 7th, 2018

I went to an Alchemy A10 class and taught my Strength & Flow new fitness class. My fitness class I just did the free dance, 5 minute yoga flow and yin yoga portion of class and cheered on others as they did the strength routine.

Alchemy Workout 

  • 1/1,2/2 , 3/3,  4/4,  5/5 – Clean & Press


15 Pull-ups (This is my least favorite move I’m not very good at it but am improving ever so slightly)

15 Pushups

*Repeat from the 1/1 clean & press back to pull-ups and continue that pattern for 10 minutes.

Saturday- December 15th, 2018

I took Jalen out for an hour walk. I pushed him in the stroller and I got a little peace and quiet as he slept. I also saw a beautiful bald eagle on our walk.  I knew I wouldn’t be able to make it to my yoga class since I had a Michael Bolton concert in the evening.


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