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The Mistletoe Secret


Movie: The Mistletoe Secret

Background on the movie

The premise of the movie is a small town trying to survive after a ski lodge comes into the neighboring community. They are expecting a Sterling Masters a tv travel personality to come and do a show to highlight all of the local festivities. Instead a writer for the show arrives and the diner owner and him hit it off. She doesn’t realize the man in town is the main writer for the travel show. He enjoys all of the small town festivities with the leading actress. Halfway through the movie Sterling Masters finally shows up in town much to the chagrin of Alex.

Alex proves to be an inconsiderate person and oblivious to how he treats people. By the end of the movie Sterling came around and realized how he had been treating his friend and decided to let him publish his name with everything he wrote for the travel site. Alex realizes everything he ever wanted was in Utah with Aria he is her Mistletoe man.

What worked?

I enjoyed the idea of a travel personality coming into town to do a story on a small town Christmas. I like the twist with the personality not doing any of his writing and his lead writer falls for the small town diner owner. This is a movie you can go to this holiday season if you want those holiday feels with about any scene. I know Kellie Pickler was not a fan favorite in last years movie I didn’t think she was that bad. This year they put quite a few strong supporting actors to help her carry the movie. So if you weren’t a fan of her’s and were avoiding the movie because of her acting, I would check it out.

What didn’t work?

A few things that I don’t is when the leading writer, Alex didn’t share with Aria (the diner owner) early on that he was actually the leading writer on the travel show not Sterling. It just seems as if in an adult relationship you wouldn’t wait as long to disclose that to someone you like. The other side of the coin that Aria didn’t pick up on Sterling not being a great guy. She seemed oblivious to who he actually was and more into him as a tv personality and her mistletoe guy.

3 Takeaways

  1. This was a funny, cute, watch again and again to get those holiday feels.
  2. I enjoyed the Mistletoe Diner as a backdrop for the movie. In a small town the local diners are often the hot spots so it was very realistic this is where most people hang out.
  3. I want to find a small town with as many activities and events that they have going on each year.

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