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86: Elizabeth Peace – Girls who H.I.I.T


Today on the Peaceful Power Podcast I’m chatting with Elizabeth Peace on the pageant world, childhood sexual abuse, and military life.


Elizabeth and I initially connected over a challenge we were both doing online. I saw she recently started a podcast and was advocating for women using fitness. I was very intrigued to hear more about her message and learn more about her background. As you will see she has an extensive background in journalism and is very patient about helping the innocent victims in particular children who were sexually abused.  Warning, this could be a triggering episode for those who have dealt with that in the past.

Background on Elizabeth

Elizabeth Peace is a published author, journalist and TV news anchor, Mrs. Virginia America 2016 and former communications director for Congress. She is the founder of Girls Who HIIT, a fitness program that teaches the basics of self defense, while helping women get in shape and build confidence. A survivor of child sexual abuse and the mother of a survivor, Elizabeth found her own healing through fitness and pageantry. She has been an advocate for victims for the past 10 years, serving on the board of CASA, as a speaker at conferences to prevent sexual exploitation and human trafficking, and as a trained facilitator for Darkness to Light.
She is passionate about using her story to inspire others to overcome their trials, and spends her time teaching parents, educators and city officials how to prevent child sex abuse. She has met with Hunter Biden and other prominent figures to prevent abuse on a national level, and is actively working to enact legislation that would make sex crimes committed against children punishable with prison time instead of probation.
A former Air Force Security Forces Officer, Elizabeth met her husband, Warren Peace, while she was working for a TV station as a morning news anchor. Her husband is a U.S. Marine currently serving on active duty for more than a decade. He’s in the process of adopting her two children. They also adopted a canary mastiff, Bradley, who had been founded starving and wandering the streets of Washington, D.C. The family of five now considers themselves complete.

Connect with Elizabeth

Topics Discussed

  • Being a woman in the military
  • Being married to someone in the marines currently
  • Why she got interested in the pageant world
  • Fighting for those who were sexually abused as children
  • How she created HITT for women to fight back with self-defense
  • How to become active in the fight against sexual abuse in children

Elizabeth’s Weekly Challenge

 Go to and take the 2 hour training , if that is too much try and make someone else happy this week.


Main website to get involved with stopping childhood sexual assault-
Another Resource to look into if interested in stopping childhood sexual assault- Defend the innocence

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