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81: Addie Kelzer- Leading by Example



Addie is the reason I am in the training industry. I went to college with Addie and after we graduated she started a personal training business. I was interested in learning how she did it and decided to reach out to her. She then taught me how I could start a business and we have been a support system for each other ever since. If you’re in the fitness industry looking to stop trading dollars for hours Addie goes through how she made that transition and is always learning how to lead and to never stop learning.

Background on Addie Kelzer

 I am happy to offer safe and effective personal training as a nationally certified NPTI – Advanced Certified Personal Trainer. Additionally, my skills include NPTI Nutrition Consulting and a background in Stott Pilates Matwork. I established Urban Fitness TC in 2011 on fundamental fitness and nutrition principals although the practical application of these principals is the backbone of our training. Currently I perform more of an operations role and support our team of trainers and each client they inspire. We ask our clients to learn and grow every month and I also strive to do the same.

Connect with Addie

Topics Discussed

  • Whether goals are shifting in the fitness industry
  • Growth vs. fixed mindset
  • Asking for help
  • How to lead in the fitness industry
  • Journey from gym trainer to owning her own business with 3 trainers
  • Perfection syndrome

Addie’s Weekly Challenge

Look at your day & find one item where you can ask for help this week.

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