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80: Steph Gold on the Balance it Takes to Be a Leader


Welcome to the Peaceful Power Podcast, I’m your host Andrea Claassen and today I sit down with Steph Gold.


Steph & I connected at Lori Harder’s Bliss Project event this past March. Steph was so kind and donated a copy of her book into all of our goodie bags that Lori gave to all of the attendees. I ran into Steph on the last day and wanted to have her on the podcast to show you how she crafted a goal and went after it. She attended Lori’s event a year prior and decided to write a book after attending. She is a go getter. She sets goals and goes after them which she helps other young women do now in their careers. I can’t wait for you to hear her passion and tenacity in today’s interview.

Background on Steph Gold

Steph Gold is a life coach who helps women remove the blocks in their lives so they can birth their wildest dreams. A two time international best selling author Steph’s latest book, Now is Your Time, presents an outline for women to soar. Through speaking, writing, live events, private and group coaching Steph is determined to reach women who are ready to own their power and make a difference NOW!

Connect with Steph

Topics Discussed

  • What life coaching is & who it’s for
  • Removing blocks from our lives
  • Incorporating play into our lives
  • The I don’t have time to add play into my life excuse
  • Why personal growth is huge for reaching your goals
  • Steph’s book- Now is your time

Steph’s Weekly Challenge

How can you transform one of your daily activities into a playful activity?

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