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71: Rosie Acosta on being present in your life


Welcome to the Peaceful Power Podcast I’m your host Andrea Claassen. Today I chatted with Rosie Acosta from the Radically Loved Podcast.


Rosie and I met at Lori Harder’s Bliss Project this past March. We had such a deep connection when we met and great conversation. It just continued into today’s podcast. We go deep into yoga, being present in your everyday life, and dabbled into Ayurveda. We also chatted about how yoga can teach us lessons if we slow down enough to see them.


Rosie Acosta is a Yoga & Meditation Teacher and a Teacher Trainer.
Certified Nutritionist + Life Coach and Founder of Radically Loved Yoga Health and Wellness.
In all her work, Rosie teaches and practices RADICAL LOVE and uses this as a guiding force to overcome adversity. Through yoga, healthy lifestyle choices, mantra, and self-inquiry she aspires to help others find their unique gifts and fire within, she creates practices for her students and connects with people in a way that helps her students live radically loved lives.
Her articles can be found in Mantra magazine, MindBodyGreen, FOX News Latino, Pop Sugar Fitness, Well+Good, and Evolve Fit Wear. She can be found teaching yoga and coaching workshops around the country as well as leading international teacher trainings. Rosie is also a proud ambassador for Yoga Journal, City Silence, Manduka, and Living Yoga.
She has used her experience teaching her day to day students working in her community and has worked with elite Olympic athletes, NFL Champions, NBA All-Stars, At Risk Youth and Afghanistan Veterans. Most recently, she is working on a book about Yoga and Meditation.
For More Information, Visit: www.radicallyloved.com

Connect with Rosie

Topics Discussed

  • Her journey into finding yoga
  • Biggest lessons learned from yoga teacher training
  • How to be more present in your daily life
  • Why you want to talk to strangers
  • How intentions play a role in her life
  • Her Liv Be You Yoga Tour across the US this year!

Rosie’s Weekly Challenge

Be truly present with someone for the day

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