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69: Ryanne Goneke on overcoming the diet mindset


Welcome to the Peaceful Power Podcast I’m your host Andrea Claassen. Today I will be talking with Ryanne Goneke.


Ryanne and I had such a deep enriching conversation about the fitness industry. What is working what is not. How to incorporate yoga into your regular routine, even if you didn’t think of yourself as a yogi in the past. How to stop the diet obsession and find something that actually works for you. She also discusses how at 16 she started teaching spin classes at her local gym and is now the owner of that gym. Ryanne is such a motivational and open person, I hope you get as much from her as I did.


I’m Ryanne Goneke, born and raised in Beaufort, SC. I started in the fitness industry when I was 16 teaching Spinning classes at a local gym. I now own that gym with my husband and friends and I still teach the same Spinning classes! Over the years I have taken many courses and acquired many certifications to include Personal Training and Sports Nutrition. This year I am going after my 200 hour Yoga Training Certification so I can begin my own journey as a Transformational Experience Expert. My passion is to light the fire we all have in us to became the highest and best version of ourselves. I believe the foundation of wellness comes from movement, nourishment, and feeling empowered from within.

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Topics Discussed

  • How she discovered yoga and decided to become a yoga teacher this year
  • How she started in the industry at 16 and now owns the same gym she started her career at
  • How empowerment, movement, nourishment play a role in her life
  • Finding the right movement for you
  • Breaking down nutrition
  • Overcoming the diet mindset

Ryanne’s Weekly Challenge

Go to 1 yoga class this week

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