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206: How to add in more movement to your day


Welcome to another episode of seasonal Saturday today we are diving into adding more movement into your day.


How’s your life?

Really how are you doing today? Me? I’m doing well now that I’ve rearranged my office space, and both our living room and moon room. It feels like a small shift in energy which always makes a big difference for stepping into my higher self.

Ayurvedic seasonal tip of the week

Keeping movements light, fun and airy. On your walks add in squats, walking lunges, pushups, step-ups onto a bench play outside. Go swimming, do a light yoga sequence, go for a bike ride. After you brush your teeth do 20 squats, hold a plank to start your day. Before you turn on tv, podcast or open Instagram perform 20 squats & 20 pushups. Make it fun, and incorporate your workout routines into your day. Don’t be so rigid about needing it to look like 20 minutes in a row of a circuit or routine play with it.

The summer is the pitta time of year and having light, fun, and unstructured workouts will feel good but also drive the pitta dosha crazy. Pitta can get stuck in the mindset of what it “should” look like to feel like a good workout instead of being open to going with the flow.

Parting Question

Where can I play more with my workout routine?


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