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205: Chuck Turner Getting Out Of Your Comfort Zone


Welcome to the Peaceful Power Podcast today I chat with Chuck Turner all about bringing movement into your day.


Chuck and I met at Fitspace a studio where we both train clients out of in St. Louis Park, MN. We both are into bringing movement into our daily lives. Rethinking about what a workout is and moving for life long health. Chuck quit his corporate job a few years ago and has been fueling his passion to help hundreds of his clients to reach lifelong sustainable health.

Where to connect with Chuck

Check out Chucks first interview on episode number 52 

Topics Discussed

  • His cold water challenge and if he would recommend it
  • How he mows the lawn
  • How you can bring in movement into your daily life
  • Motivation vs. Habit Formation
  • Creating a burpee challenge

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Weekly Challenge:

Take a cold shower this week for 1 minute every time you shower.

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