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202: Seasonally Saturday Kickoff episode


Today is the kickoff of my seasonally Saturday episodes. I believe so much in living with the seasons and leaning into what is happening in the season of life your in right now. These episodes will be shorter episodes 15 minutes or less is my goal.

How’s your life?

I want to start off each episode with a life check-in. I will share what’s coming up for me right now and encourage you to see what’s coming up for you.

This past week for me it’s been a doozy my husbands car konked out on us, our washer randomly stopped working, our son broke our vacuum, and our dog was attacked by our neighbor dog. I’m hoping future life updates are not quite this drastic, lol. For me I always am reflecting why? Why is this happening all right now? Do I need to check in with my mindset? Is it just a coincidence? For me I like to grab my journal or sit on my deck sipping coffee with nothing to do and just be. Sometimes in that slowness we can spark answers.

So I ask you how are you really doing this week? Have courage and answer honestly when asked.

Ayurvedic seasonal tip of the week

I will also be sharing 1 tip of the week based on the season we are in that might help you live more aligned with the seasons.

Seasonal tip of the week- Get outside. It’s August now and depending on where you live we are approaching a changing season. The warmer weather will start to cool down and with that will bring new habits, foods, and routines that come with the cooler fall months. Right now though pacifying the pitta dosha by enjoying cooling foods-salads, cucumbers, raw veggies, cooling herbs-mint, cilantro, cooling oils-coconut oil. Try to avoid your workouts during the warmest part of the day. The heat and sun will intensify the pitta dosha. Exercise between 6-10am is ideal all times of the year but especially during those warm summer months.

Parting Question

I will finish each show with a journal question for you to dive a little deeper into whats really going on in your life.

What are you missing in your life that if you chose to look at it from a new perspective you might already have it?

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